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Everything about today's Apple news, summed up in under three minutes.
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Ok thank God, now I don't have to go through apples 1 hour video or more to see or hear they're announcements.
Now I can safely ignore the news until the real news comes on Friday.
Glad to see this segment isn't as hyped up as the other news outlets.  There's a reason why I've been a c|net guy for so long.
OK  So, now that Apple has finally unveiled all of it's shiny new old products, they won't be in the news for awhile right?  I understand why (kinda) "new" Apple products have so much news time.  And this is not a gripe at you +Bridget Carey, you're awesome.  But now that all the fan boys/girls are enjoying their semi-annual Apple-gasm, can we talk about actual new technology again?  
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