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You will ask many questions after today's video, but the most important question: Is there any soul who would buy a Chromebook Pixel?
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Granted, the Pixel won't be a volume seller but I really don't think it's supposed to be. They risked alienating OEMs with the Nexus line by pricing them so low that partners couldn't match. The difference is, Chrome OS isn't Android by a long shot. Nobody's counting on it to save their company like they do with Android. The Pixel gives Google a presence on the screen for anyone hitting the "+$1000" filter on Amazon (thus expanding Chrome OS' mindshare) and helps the OEMs feel secure that Google isn't trying to pull the rug out from under them.

There are those who will buy the Pixel but I'm willing to bet that those who do will dual-boot it with a "proper" OS. Chrome OS + 1TB cloud storage + a full Windows or Linux install makes this thing look a lot more valuable. Especially considering there isn't another ultrabook on the market with that resolution AND a multi-touch touch screen. 
.....but why not just get the MacBook Air?
Although it is of shallow likelihood I will purchase the Chromebook Pixel. I am very much excited about the product. And hope it fulfills the purpose in which Google intends it to. Who knows maybe one day I may just get one....(or it's successor).
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