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Have you upgraded to Windows 8?
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I sure did, and it's fantastic!
I switched to win8 and really cant stand it. I spend most of the time with desktop showing  and using shortcuts. I think the new UI is ugly and boring. Being very certified with Microsoft products I only use my win8 machine because its connected to my 50inch plasma and can play my favorite game. Other than that Im using my alienware laptop with win7.
I use Linux, so a switch to Windows 8 wouldn't be an upgrade.
I have upgraded to Win 8 Pro and its a SOLID OS. I consider myself a pretty well versed technophile and really have no idea where all this media hate is stemming from?! This OS is incredibly fast, more secure, and i find the UI (after about an hour of learning) fun to use, oh and did I mention fast? My lappy boots in about 12 secs. Im also finding that Im more efficient when navigating my OS, i dont care what the pundits say global search IS a great feature. People need to remember this is a complete kernel overhaul not just a bandaid patch up OS release with various UI and vuln patches. This is a new breed of Windows and I think that it was needed and the full scope of this wont be realized for maybe another year..... my 2 cents.
+Jacob Brunson  I do too Jacob, however I've also used some pretty horrid distros that Windows 8 would definitely be an upgrade to.  And as mush as Id LOVE to use an open source OS, all the time for every  task, that's just not realistic for me. 
its not that it is faster or more stable. Not even more secure. I radically changes where everything is and how you do anything in windows. Besides it is ugly. Porche or a Yugo, I will take a Porche and it does not matter that the yugo gets 90 miles to a gallon.
Major improvement? My logic is this, not what you are saying. Yugo and a porsche are both cars. Both will get you to point A or B. Both are basically used for the same purpose. The Yugo is far more efficient. Better for the carbon footprint, pocketbook, and the country that produces it. The porsche looks much better and is more prefered as a statis object. Speaks volumes about he whom owns it.

Windows 8 may be newer, but as a System Analyst it is clunky, ugly, and implimented in such a way that most dont have access too. Touch screens. 80% of all users are going to be using it for the app store and casual use. For buisness you can make an arguement that you can standardise the desktop and the user will only be able to use what is shown.  For techie users everything has changed on locations and access to where all our tools are. Until you get used to the layout and search functions, troubleshooting issues for your parents or friends, or in my case 100,000 users across the world would prove a time consuming process.

There is also the sheer bulk of people who still hold on to legacy equipment that does not transfer drivers from Windows XP to Windows 8. It forces people to change what they do and what they use. People are lazy by nature and dont like change. Life is a series of habits they do every day from the first cup of coffee to reading a book before bed. Last time I personally was challenged like this was when I was installing Windows 95 for the first time on a buisness network. Everything looked different than Windows 3.11. Took time to find all the tools and learn new ones. I took each upgrade from ms dos 2.0 too Windows 7 with stride, learning and growing. I am now in my 40's and my head is so full of documentation, shortcuts, work arounds, passwords, and OS trouble shooting steps that Windows 8 is like hitting a wall. Have to re learn how to do everything that we have been doing for 20 years. 

I would feel more comfortable pushing a standardised version of Linux than Windows 8. On my work network here we are just starting to roll over to Windows 7. All our engineers have stated that there will be no Windows 8 on our networks.
in a corporate setting, sure keep your XP / 7 configuration whatever it is sure. I understand where you're coming from and managing multiple user policies bla bla bla active directories etc, However for the "average-advanced user" who either dosent use/like apple and cant get much done on their android, I really think this will fill a much needed gap. There's so much I want to say about this topic, i really think we're looking at a new "breed of OS for new types of devices"...Ha ive got a child screaming at me as i type this, may not make much sense. Great insights +Micheal Gonzalez 
I did on my laptop. Deciding if I should do the same on my desktop. My laptop seems slower now
Dual-booting with Win7 on my laptop. Used Win8 for a week and couldn't stand it.
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