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If you're into #catfishing, you now can make free calls to lie to your sweetie from Facebook's Messenger app.
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Lies and deceit Facebook, shame on you! :-P
I find it hard to believe with college students who goes to Notre Dame and Stanford to have never seen each other's face through one of the following video chat services: FaceTime, GoogleTalk, Google Hangout, Skype, Tout. and Youtube.
Re: that painfully over-reported/rated Te'o saga.
I do not know of anyone who has been a victim of the so called #catfishing (for reeeal??? I guess we couldn't come up with another word, smh) Anyway, its definitely possible to have a relationship online (second life, etc...) But for most people, there must be a part of you that wants more than just a pic and some voice over the phone (oh, this sounds like online dating....huh...)? The mind is very powerful, so I guess we can also make any fantasy our personal reality. Thx

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