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Are you excited about Google+ sign-ins? Worried about the Copyright Alert System? I'm just thinking about what to tweet when I'm dead.
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+Bridget Carey I think the correct answer to "I'm just thinking about what to tweet when I'm dead." is "Goodbye cruel world 
I'm leaving you today 

After death tweeting... seriously people?  Get a life, no pun intended. 
Sometimes I think Google over shares or is trying to hard to connect folks. I have a fake FB page for web logins. 
"Alternative Apps To Torrents"

Hi Bridget! Nice u brought up this sensitive issue of torrents.

Since there r lot many apps that could take the function of the torrents - +Cnet n all other podcasters should attempt to bring up new section called "Alternative Apps To Torrents".

Since Apps r mostly free to few bucks, they can be very attractive alternative.
This would prevent people from unethically pervading the illegal zones while still getting all the benefits they would have desired from torrents.

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