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It's Cerberus 3rd birthday, let's celebrate!

We just published updates for Cerberus (version 2.5) and Client Cerberus (version 2.0). There are some cool new features in Client Cerberus, that will make easier to recover your lost or stolen phone from another Android device:

- Web control, like remote control from the web dashboard but integrated into the app

- Touch the device name and you'll see a navigation icon, that will start "Navigation Mode" : the Google Maps navigator will start, and Cerberus will update the destination if you device moves

- If you are near the lost device, touch the radar icon to start "Radar Mode": WiFi hotspot will be started on the lost device and Client Cerberus will display the network signal, so you should have a very good indication (better than GPS) on how near you are to the lost device.

Oh, and since it's Cerberus birthday we need to celebrate: all new accounts created for the next 30 hours will get a free license! The promotion starts now (midnight GMT) and ends at 6 AM of April 26.

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Bridget W

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My issues with the OnePlus One

I just can't get over how weird/bad some of the decisions are that +OnePlus made while designing this thing.

CyanogenMod as the stock phone software? That means you'll be getting the slowest updates in the industry. The usual Samsung+carrier update cycle is about 3-5 months, CyanogenMod typically takes about 6 months to port everything over to the newest version. (A stable 4.4.2 version of CM isn't out yet).
Update: CM Community Manager +Abhisek Devkota says the 6 month mark is "an overstatement" of the time it would take to update. We'll see. =)

The attention to detail is so high that OnePlus claims the the internals are "specially dyed and treated with a matte black finish, with each part meticulously aligned to be visually pleasing and functional," yet when it came time to do that outside (the part people will actually use and see), they recycled the Oppo Find 5 body, complete with a barely-functional menu button? Put your resources where they matter. 

The "Smash your phone" promotion. Really? After this: Samsung Galaxy S5 Hammer Smash Fail = Battery Explosion, you're going to encourage people to be violent towards something full of sharp glass, lead, and a highly-volatile lithium ion battery? Do you have any kind of common sense at all?

The terrible, terrible marketing which they could never (and didn't) live up to. #neversettle , except for the lack of SD slot, removable battery, wireless charging, Band 20 LTE, Recent Apps button, and terrible update situation.

The spec sheet and price is nice, but if I were a customer, this string of questionable decisions would make me wary. It doesn't really matter though, because it sounds like no one is actually going to be able to buy one of these things anyway. Oh well.
Launching in late May, the device is cheaper than the Nexus 5 and has better specs.
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It has a recent apps button... What are people smoking lol. That button is whatever you want it to be, just like it has been since ICS. Remap it, is that so hard?
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