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How to Select the Right Preventive Auto Maintenance Service
One of the most frequently asked questions online is, ‘how do I find the right auto maintenance service?’ While trusting a mechanic through word of mouth alone was a trial and error process back in the day, things have certainly changed today.  However, in these technological robust times, an experienced and professional mechanic might just be a couple of finger-taps or clicks away from you.
All the Ways you can select the Right Auto Maintenance Service
Irrespective of whether you have switched car brands, moved, had a frustrating experience or if your favorite dealership dropped the ball, there are still a quite a lot of options when it comes to finding a good mechanic. Auto maintenance professionals today are not very far away from you, and thanks to technology, locating them is just as easy.
Based on yearly statistics and reports, it has been successfully identified that people prefer to take their cars for repairs and maintenance to an independent and certified mechanic shops and garages. The trend of going to dealerships is slowly coming to an end. However, if you still have a warranty on your car, then it would make sense to go to a dealership for repairs. But you do not have to keep on going to them for bi-monthly, tri-monthly or yearly maintenance and repairs.
According to federal law, you can exercise your right to opt for an independent auto maintenance service while your car is still under warranty. But discovering an experienced, diligent and resourceful mechanic – one you can trust is not something easy. And this isn’t where you can overly rely on the internet in helping you find one. In order to find one, you might just have to do some traditional researching.
On top of that it is important to understand that there is no one thing that you can set apart a good car repair shop. However, mentioned below are all the elements you should seek:

Look for a Repair Shop that Deals with your Brand of Vehicle

Many car maintenance and repair garages excel in providing topnotch service to particular makes and models. Mechanics that specialize in fixing and maintaining your model are more likely to possess a lot of training and experience. Not to mention all the cutting-edge equipment and tools.

Go About Asking Friends and Family

Yes, this is a word of mouth method, however, you can usually trust what your good friends and family members have to say about their mechanic. They won’t lie to you or give you misleading information. On top of that, ensure that you seek the recommendation of an individual that drives the same car as you.

Certification & Legitimacy

A good repair shop is will always be accredited and legitimized by the NIASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) or the ASE.
The Bottom Line
All in all, the aforementioned tips are the some of the best when it comes finding a talented and efficient auto maintenance service.
Remember, nobody can beat the expertise and professionalism of a reputed mechanic. If you think your car needs repairs or isn’t performing up to the mark, never hesitate to go to your mechanic.

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Preventive Auto Maintenance Tips for Summer
‘Feeling the summer heat’ has become trending phrase these days. As we do everything that can be done to ensure our well-being and protection from sweltering temperatures outside – there is something we should focus on as well. And that is the maintenance of one of the most essential mechanical contraptions every made – the car. In light of this, mentioned below are some really important auto maintenance tips for this year’s summer.
Auto Maintenance Tips You Need to Enhance your Car’s Performance in the Heat
Summer can be a tough season for your car, especially in dangerous temperatures that can cause your car battery to melt, overheat your cooling mechanism and damage your tires. As a general precaution, it goes without saying that you need to fix a daily routine to inspect all of the above mentioned things. Here is a breakdown of what you should do:
De-Winterize Your Vehicle First
If you’ve added winter components and fluids in your car to beat the freeze, you will have to undo everything to beat the heat. For example, if you snow tires installed, it is important to realize that they will make your car heavy and tough to handle at high speeds and will affect your fuel economy.
Moreover, if you haven’t routinely driven your car during winter, it is absolutely essential to inspect all fluid levels. Check the transmission oil, the coolant, the differential and brake fluid. You have to ensure that everything is in check before taking the car out in the heat.
Clean the Undercarriage
Another major factor that most people completely neglect is cleaning their vehicle’s undercarriage. Now that winter is finally over, you have to get it cleaned as the salt that is primarily used to melt all the snow on road can slowly damage all the metal. This can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance expenses that you can quite easily prevent. This is one of the more important auto maintenance tips to follow.
 Inspect Timing Belts and Hoses
The most fundamental element when it comes to driving in the heat of the day is ensuring that the engine stays cool. And that means making sure you aren’t running low coolant nor have any sort of radiator damage. This is why it is so important to inspect your vehicle’s hoses and belts that are designed to efficiently and effectively pump the coolant in the radiator into the engine. If the hoses and the belts supporting this mechanism are damaged, you can very well expect damage to the engine.
Clean the Battery
Winters can causes of a lot of damage to your battery. However, hot weather can also have an equally adverse effect on it. The heat can boost the chemical reaction of the battery, which leads to it overcharged. And that isn’t good for the car. So, the most effective thing that you can do to prevent this is to clean the battery. Take of the cables first, and remove all the carbon from the terminals. Even better, take it to a car electrician for a more detailed inspection.
All in all, these are some of the best auto maintenance tips you can implement during summer time.

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Benefits of Preventive Auto Maintenance
Despite there being numerous advantages of preventive auto maintenance, there are still a lot of people who neglect or refuse to have their car frequently maintained and/or repaired. While some don’t like to spend a lot of money, others simply don’t have a clue about repair and maintenance. And some just hesitate to go to a mechanic.
Similarly, many people don’t have the time or patience to drop their car off at mechanic’s, and wait for it to be repaired. Regardless of the reasons why you don’t take your car for frequent tune-ups or maintenance, understand that there are plenty of benefits of it.
The Real Reasons Why you Should go for Preventive Auto Maintenance
Longevity and Performance
There are numerous benefits of having your car checked-in for maintenance and/or repairs. And one of the biggest advantages of doing that is you will be prolonging the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Having critical mechanical parts and components fixed and replaced can really enhance your car’s performance and handling.
Valuable Resale
Sure, not a lot of people retire their vehicle. However, if and when you do get tired of driving the same car for a couple of years, a well-performing and fully maintained car will never be difficult to sell. People look for mileage and performance in any vehicle.
Having a adequately-repaired or maintained vehicle will definitely manage to attract higher bidders for your car. It is important to understand that the small amount of time that is required to keep your car in splendid condition is well-compensated when you sell it to a third party.
Save Thousands of Dollars in the Long Run
Preventive auto maintenance is all about keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, so that save on repair costs and expenses in the long run. For example, having your car’s oil changed after every 5,000 to 7,000 miles can enhance and keep the mileage consistent, saving fuel. Fuel efficiency can really boost-up your savings.
Similarly, inspecting your tires for bald-spots can enhance the vehicular safety, preventing tire bursts during travel. Plus, frequent tire maintenance can also keep you save a ton money in tow-truck hauls and expensive repairs and tire replacements.  On top of that it is also important to keep the suspension and steering in adequate condition. Driving them to disrepair will only result in costly replacement costs.
Top Things you Must Always Have Maintained in your Vehicle
Here is a list of components and mechanical parts that you must always maintain as a part of your preventive auto maintenance routine:

Braking systems – ensure there is an adequate amount of brake oil
Change oil after every 5,000 miles
Flush coolant every 60,000 miles
Change oil and air filters every 5 to 6 months

All in all, the importance of professional auto repair and maintenance can never be overemphasized.
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