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Beginning Drip Irrigation

Having had to hand water our starts recently has made me want to revisit the potential of drip irrigation.

#drip #irrigation #gardening

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Composting Fence Part Deux

We are in the midst of trying to reshape our landscape and have plans for a brand new composting fence design. Until then, have you thought of creating a composting fence to hold yard waste?

#garden #fence

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Tired of reading our ramblings? Then check out visual goodies on our Pinterest Page.

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It Doesn't Have to Be a Sad Chicken Day for You

We have opted to not have chickens this year... BUT that doesn't mean you don't have too! Find out how to pick the best chicks for your home:


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Bees on the Rebound?

Yes, they are but not why you think.

#gardenlife #bees

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Planted Potatoes Yet

If you haven't gotten your potatoes in the ground yet time is a-wasting! Make these attractive potato boxes to save space (and screen ugly HVAC equipment).

#gardenlife #potato

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The Dirt on Dirt

We are filling our raised beds. Which, reminds me how crucial dirt is to having a great garden. Click on the link to visit easy tips on making great garden soil:

#gardening #dirt #soil

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Seed Packet 101
Did you know you can get every bit of planting information you need off of seed packets? Learn how at:

#gardening #seeds

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