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Brian H. Gill
Life, the Universe, and Small Town America
Life, the Universe, and Small Town America


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"I don't know why encounters with angels, and God, aren't all alike.

"Sometimes, like Abraham's meeting with the Almighty and two angels, described in Genesis 18:2, or Habakkuk's getting airlifted in Daniel 14:33–37, it's apparently much like meeting another human.

"Other times, like Daniel's interview with Gabriel, it takes days to recover. I suspect that it depends on the personalities involved, and on just how much unshielded power we're exposed to...."

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My 'science post' link list, updated.

"Seeking truth and seeking God are compatible. So are faith and reason. I thought this was true before I became a Catholic, and still do. More importantly, that’s what the Church says.

"About once a week, I write about a fossilized critter, planets circling other stars, new tech — whatever caught my eye in recent 'science and technology' news, along with why honest research cannot interfere with faith..."

There. I'm caught up; with highlights from the last few months, and A Catholic Citizen in America's two most recent posts.

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"Scientists have been wondering how our moon formed, and why its orbit isn't over Earth's equator.

"It looks like our moon formed after something about the size of Mars hit Earth, roughly 4,500,000,000 years back.

"But the giant-impact hypothesis didn't explain why our moon orbits Earth only five degrees away from Earth's orbital plane. The math had said that our moon would be orbiting pretty much over Earth's equator...."

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"Pip's Christmas doesn't have much to do with Christmas, or Advent, but I figured this post should have something that looks ‘seasonal.'

" ...Blessed is the One Who Takes No Offense at Me'

"We'll be hearing Matthew 11:2–11 this morning. The readings still aren't particularly 'Christmassy.'..."

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"I think the universe is billions, not thousands, of years old; Earth isn't flat; Adam and Eve aren't German; poetry isn't science; and thinking is not a sin.

"If you've been reading my posts, you know why being a Christian doesn't interfere with my interest in science.

"Feel free to skip the rest of this post. It's mostly about reading the Bible, the universe, and getting a grip...."

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"Scientists working with ESA's Gaia space observatory published the first part of a three-dimensional sky map this week. It'll be the most comprehensive all-sky survey done so far.

"Not unexpectedly, this year's ‘ET calling' headlines gave way to something slightly more down-to-Earth.

"We may eventually pick up an artificial signal from the stars: but that burst of radio noise from the direction of HD 164695 was almost certainly due to a clerical error of sorts. It wasn't our first false alarm, and I doubt it will be the last...."

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"A Jordanian couple have a baby boy: who does not have a lethal genetic disorder, thanks to DNA transplanted from a third person. Four of his siblings did not survive the procedure.

"I'll be talking about the decisions involved in that procedure, research involving 'tiny brains' grown from human cells, genetically modified humans grown as research subjects, and water bears...."

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"I generally identify with the tax collector in today's Gospel reading: Luke 18:9–14.

"That's okay, since emulating 'those who were convinced of their own righteousness,' despising everyone else, is a bad idea.

"The problem wasn't what the Pharisee was doing...."
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