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Village "Wise Woman" in training. :)
Village "Wise Woman" in training. :)

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Please watch and share!

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Beautiful site, and great resource!

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One of my regular tools  :)

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IT • COMPUTER • OS • Born to be . . . ( :

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Escaping Destiny by +Jeffrey Pierce has made the top 20 of all free fiction novels for Kindle! Woo-hoo!! Over 5,000 copies given away in the last 24 hours. :)

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On authenticity

Something I am often confused by is assumptions of class status on the Internet. Frequently, an accusation is flung at me that I must be (and I'm paraphrasing here) a rich bitch who just doesn't understand life in the "lower classes," because I have a point of view somewhat contrary to theirs regarding taxation, employment, etc.

In fact, as anyone who actually knows my life story understands, I grew up in what could reasonably be termed abject poverty. Unlike most of the people that make these sort of comments comments, I actually suffered malnutrition and hunger as a child, lived in marginal housing or was homeless, my family got AFDC (a far kinder system than today's TANF, but still basically inadequate) and my mother worked under the table to pay the bills. I just barely escaped being a teenage mother; I birthed my daughter at 20, unmarried and underemployed. I've struggled a lot since then, working 78 hours a week at two jobs too stingy to pay for health insurance, the whole sad story of American poverty. However, I've also educated myself intensively, particularly focusing on food justice, social justice, poverty, and hegemony as areas of interest. I have these areas of interest because of my childhood.

That's why I feel confident when I make statements like this:

They're lying to you. A fair taxation system is good for society, not bad. (And no, the US taxation system is not particularly fair.)
They're lying to you. It doesn't matter how hard you work because you never had equality of opportunity like they promised.
They're lying to you. If you have money now, you don't "deserve" it. You got lucky. Sure, maybe you worked hard, but plenty of people work hard til the day they die and never have a bean.
They're lying to you. If they have money and you don't, that's not because they worked harder than you. See above.
They're lying to you. Cheap unhealthy food isn't a boon or a blessing, it's a curse. McDonalds is not your friend.
They're lying to you. There's plenty of money in the US government coffers to drive up demand, fix the broken economy, and get things going again, while fixing the shattered infrastructure everyone lives with today. What's missing is the political will to use it, which is too bad, since every day that passes with underutilized production capacity results in the permanent loss of that capacity. We're going to fall behind China not because the Chinese are such go-getters, but because of a total failure to put Americans back to work.

So next time you're ready to spout off at someone for an assumed class position, think about it a little harder. Also, do me a favor and next time you're in the ballot box, ask whose interests that politician is really representing before you tick the box.
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