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The 10 Jumpsuits You Need Right Now
Lately I have jumped on the jumpsuit train, and I don't think I'll be getting off any time soon. If you're anything like me, you'll stand in front of you closet staring at your clothes wondering what the heck you're going to put on that day. You contemplate...

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Bartaco's 10th Secret Taco Will Be Your New Obsession
Just when you thought Bartaco had it all, they released their tenth #bartacosecret taco. It's a total game changer. They've brought out all of the summer flavor with their new Crispy Soft-Shell Crab taco! It's tempura battered and placed atop a tomatillo ch...

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It List: The 7 Dresses You Need for Summer
The time of the year is here when it's way too hot to even think about wearing pants, and we all stress about shaving our legs every other day (maybe this is just me?). Lately I've been adding more and more dresses into my wardrobe for one, simple reason: t...

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Workwear Refresh with Nordstrom
When you just need a little bit of a break from denim and dresses, these pants are the answer to your problems. I can't help the fact that I am drawn to EVERYTHING in a store that comes in black and white, and these bad boys were absolutely no exception.  A...

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The Under $20 T-Shirts You Didn't Know You Needed
What is it about t-shirts that just makes everything easier? When it doubt, it's too easy to throw on your favorite slouchy white v-neck, some dark wash jeans and a pair of black stilettos - done.  Almost every time I go shopping, I try on/reach for at leas...

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5 Elements of a Perfect Parisian-Inspired Look
Is it surprising that we fell head over heels for the fashion from the "City of Love"? I think not. Call me a crazy American, but there's something dreamy about sporting a chic look at the cafe on the corner while nibbling on French pastries. I mean c'mon.....

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Flirty Spring Florals with Banana Republic
The first day of Spring has officially come and gone, so that means it's time to bust out the feminine florals and playful tops! Though I'm not one to typically be found sporting ruffles or frills, the trend is starting to grow on me a bit. This off-the-sho...

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5 Reasons Why Bath Salts Should Be On Your Shopping List
Whether you live an active lifestyle or not, bath salts should be a part of your weekly routine! It's no secret why celebrities and athletes have turned to the sacred salts for a number of reasons, and I'm hopping on the train.  WestLab's Supersalt collecti...

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Bartaco Serves Up It's First #BartacoSecret Drink
It doesn't matter whether its a weekday or the weekend, there's something about Bartaco that just keeps me coming back for more. From the delicious food to the restaurant vibe, it's the perfect place for anyone looking for a good meal and a little time to u...

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The Best Bell Sleeve Tops Under $50
If there's one trend that's taking over my closet right now, it's bell sleeve tops. Perhaps it's my child-like personality that just loves to sport the sleeves, but they seem to make the perfect statement. I recently went out here in Tampa sporting this top...
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