Election fraud at it's finest! Dictators would be proud.
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Let's keep the fraud going and accuse the people cleaning it up of stealing... America the proud is going down in the garbage. Forget to mention that honest Democrats are the likely target of a fraudulent's list... Interesting!
Shouldn't the Justice Department stop this? Talking about trampling on American's rights.
+Ashley Barnett Smith Wow... as a voter in good standing, I much prefer a clean voting log, I don't see anything wrong with ethics in voting. Something is very wrong when dead people are still voting or has happened in Indiana, Mickey Mouse... wondering if your bias or not? Speaking for myself I won't blame the clean up guy who wants to help clean the place up, unless you want to clean it up yourself. Your choice.
+Jacques Dupuis The number of "real" cases of voter fraud are minuscule. Not once has the number of fraudulent votes been sufficient in any election in order to swing the conclusion to the loosing side.

Meanwhile the number of legitimate voters that have been kept out of the process has been estimated at anywhere from several hundreds of thousand to several million. Which as is obvious, way more than enough to swing an election the other way.

The truth is that all these laws that have been created in the last 20 years are simply a new "Jim Crow for Democrats". You just fell for the BoogeyMan of illegal voters so that you would back their efforts at the real voting fraud. Namely the fraud being perpetrated at the management level of the government. It really is no better than any other dictator's attempts at electioneering.
+Brian Wolfe Can an election be determined by just a few votes? Look at Al Franken versus Coleman, along with what has happened in Indiana, please take head out of sand when it comes to ethics with our elections... Don't know about you, but in my book I expect our system to be clean and totally honest. I don't wish or expect anything less. We are a Country of laws, and we the Citizen surely depend on it.
+Jacques Dupuis If you expect your system to be 100% clean and 100% honest, then you will have an infinite wait.

Preventing 100% of crime is impossible. Only enforcing penalties and redress after the crime 100% of the time is possible. This is a fact of life.

Now, is it "honest and clean" if hundreds of thousands (at the minimal) of legally eligible voters are prevented from exercising their constitutional right in order to prevent 1 in 5 illegal votes?

I see the overly-aggressive rights checking as doing far FAR more damage and infringement of a person's constitutional right to vote than preventing a single fraudulent vote.

Here's an alternative for you. If an election does get decided by less than 0.1% of the votes, then we can go back and do an audit of who actually voted to see who did it illegally and throw out their vote.

Oh wait... that already happens right now this very day.... unless the supreme court blocks the recount and audit, like in 2004.

There is no voter fraud problem. Only a boogeyman created to trick you into accepting the violation of the constitional rights of others.
+Brian Wolfe Perhaps not... however, I will always strive for the best that can possibly be. One thing I know for sure, I will never stand in the way of someone that is taking action to clean it up, either it is a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or what have you... Where are your principles? Or have you drank too much of the Kool-Aid that you are now blinded into accepting imperfection as the norm? I expect much better than that from you.
My principles are with the voters rights. Disenfranchising 1 voter for every fraud committed is my limit. We're at hundreds of thousands of voters being disenfranchised for a single fraud prevented. To me that is WAY TOO FAR.

Where are your ethics? Do you care about our constitutional rights? Or will you only see the light of the massive scale of disenfranchisement on the day that you get caught up and prevented from voting as is your right?
+Brian Wolfe where do you see voters getting disenfranchised by having honest voter rolls??? When it is not honest, we are all disenfranchised. :(
Ahem. Google Florida legal voters removed

There is ample proof that already , in just one state, that more legal voters have been prevented from voting than illegal voters have been found.
BTW, don't use another personal attack. You get one that I'll swat back into your face. After that it's a ban.
+Brian Wolfe it is your choice to ban me or not. I see what is going on in this Country, crimes perpetrated by both political parties and people looking the other way. I will speak up to defend honesty, ethics and principles at all costs. There no other acceptable options for me.
Right. You failed to answer my questions. You also used a personal attack on me to hide that you failed to answer.

As a result you are now attempting to paint me as the bad guy for threatening to ban you if you use personal attacks again.

That's a personal attack. Care to continue into a ban? Or would you rather set aside your misconceptions for a few minutes to look at what's really going on with the voter rolls?
+Brian Wolfe it is nothing personal. I like the fact of having clean voter rolls. Nothing is perfect from both side, but I will always side with the side that is making the efforts to clean it up. Period. The rest is your choice.
+Jacques Dupuis That's not an effort to clean it up. In fact the voter role "cleanups" and voter laws have not resulted in a single instance being discovered outside of the already existing efforts.

Not one single instance has been caught that wasn't already caught.

The current "cleanups" is like having the booking officer at the police station claim credit for collaring the drug dealer after the street officer had already caught the drug dealer.

You are ignoring the greater evil here. In fact I don't think you want an honest voting roll. I think you are a die hard conservative that is perfectly happy with getting rid of as many registered democratic party voters as possible.
+Brian Wolfe who am I to argue... it is your take. Meantime, elections were pretty important for the "people" in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana where 5 people were found guilty. I like to report that they were not Republican, Libertarian, Independent or from the "Tea Party." I am a libertarian and an atheist. I believe in free Education and Health Care as for the rest, it is my wish that the Government stays out of our lives as much as possible, that is the only area as to where you may consider me conservative, if it is, so be it... myself I wear no label. Again, if you like labeling, it is your choice and decision. However, I will not label you for any reason whatsoever.
Nice attempt at stepping back to take the high road after you threw the first personal attack instead of answering the question.

So I will ask the question again.

How is the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of legal voters justified to find no more illegal votes than are already found? How does this even remotely qualify as "cleaning up the rolls" when no more entries are found beyond those that are already caught under the old methods of cleaning the rolls?
+Brian Wolfe for the simple reason that there is no disenfranchisement of HUNDRED of THOUSANDS of voters by eliminating the NON-ELIGIBLE or THE DEAD along with MICKEY MOUSE or CINDERELLA. There is no answer to that question for lack of accuracy, that is unless you're reading the UNIONS voting rolls. :)
At this point I'm convinced that you don't want to see reality.

Please refrain from commenting on my posts in the future.
In a discussion of this topic during previous elections I found many who thought that everyone is included in the voter's rolls because everyone has a drivers' license and when I countered that I've never had a drivers' license (and am a disenfranchised voter), I was considered an aberration or an anomaly. However there are indeed many without cars and licenses, mostly the poor who have statistically been supporters of the Democratic Party.
+Charlie Harris They don't want to see those that they harm with t heir blind support. They're Democrats and Independents after all. Or poor, so they don't count as real voters.
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