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I have a dumb question. Would #CISPA make it illegal for US corporations to do business with citizens of regions that still have privacy laws?
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The question is not a dumb one.

Either that or I am dumb too... :P
There's also the question of whether it would be illegal for businesses from those regions to have data centers in the US.
Dunno!! Guess I'll be googling that for the next hour.
This is a headone collision between the US Government and the EU. Once #CISPA is passed, then the collision will move to the international trade court because Google and others do business in the EU and it'll be construed as unfair or undue restraints upon their business.

Already, many EU companies do not do business with US companies like Google or Apple if the "cloud" word is involved because EU companies have to protect the privacy of their users, clients, and customers under EU laws. Since Apple, Google and others cannot tell where a document or customer record will be physically/geographically stored, they cannot assure EU companies that those companies are in compliance with EU privacy law.
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