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Good thoughts. I take the time to report spammy profiles as well.
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Google + Spam and personal responsibility
When does the line between reporting spam profiles become spam itself in a general stream? Can we clean up the garbage faster and have those profiles removed faster as a general community if there is a rapid blocking and reporting? Profiles are eliminated based on community behavior.

There are three types of spam profiles.
1. Generally harmless, annoying ad profiles. Easy to ignore or report and block.
2. Profiles that circle large numbers of individuals, possible through bots, then share posts. These posts often seem to contain links back to malicious sites. At the minimum you get blasted with unwanted notifications.
3. Profiles that leave spam comments/links on your own posts requiring clean up. Currently there are some technical issues that require deleting comments before blocking and reporting of those profiles or the comment may not be visible to post owner, but visible to others.

A variant of the spam profiles involves explicit or pornographic profile pictures.

There is an interesting property with reshares and ripples that even blocked profiles still show up under "post ripples" even if the reshared post is deleted. This gives these profiles a huge advantage. (There is no "send feedback" on ripples)

Personally, I believe that I would rather see a limited amount of notification to block and report from people that I trust than to let them continue. It can be easily ignored.
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