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If you don't know, I'm relocating from Zurich, Switzerland to Montreal, Canada starting in just three weeks.  Given that it's going to take 4-6 weeks for all my stuff to transit the Atlantic, I've booked a somewhat meandering route to get there:

Zurich -> Nice -> Corsica -> Amsterdam -> Iceland -> Ottawa -> Montreal
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Is it taking you 4-6 weeks to make the trip also? :)
If I get +Brian White right, he means he has some time to spend until all his goods have been arrived in Montreal (via ship), so he has enough time to collect some extraordinary reminiscences of Europe that will make him feel pretty bad about the decision to leave our continent ;-) .
Iceland must be great, although I know it only from photos, movies and flying over it.
+Thomas Hey'l has the right of it.  I'd like to spend even more...  but I've got a house that needs some renovations prior to sale.  This trip will take a little under 4 weeks.
+Karin Nelson, thanks.  It'll be good to be home.  (Though I've never lived in Montreal -- Ottawa is more "home".)
I think that is an excellent plan.  Otherwise you end up furnishing your house again before the shipment arrives.
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