I haven't used an IOS device since my second gen Ipod.  When I took my new job at Sherwin-Williams they gave me an IPhone.  Honestly besides the camera and fingerprint reader what is the draw?  What is there to Fanboy over?  The keyboard sucks and doesn't let you swipe words making typing an annoying pain.  You can't hide any app.  There is no way to sort apps by anything reasonable like date installed or name.  There is no back button or home button.  Well ok there is a broken home button that just takes you back to the last screen of icons you were on if you are in a folder.  There are at least three places you have to go to mute the damn phone.  DND is broken and buried in the settings app.

I can really keep going for a while.  So really Apple Fan Boys what am I really missing on my Moto X running Lollipop?
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