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Wahclella Falls in the spirit of
+Adrian Klein and +Greg Vaughn 

My favorite photo accessory…

You aren’t going to find it on any “Top 10 Christmas gifts for a photographer” list, but it’s an item I rarely ever go on a trip without.

This accessory has saved, improved, and inspired more photos than I dare say. It has woken me up on time. It has slowed me down to recompose and improve a shot. It has provided a sense of scale to an otherwise overwhelming scene. It has prevented me from spending an hour trying to make a busted sunrise/sunset into a vivid image. It has provided a sense of visual pop to an otherwise monochromatic scene. It has done more than I can remember, and far too much to list out.

By now you either know the answer or you are truly wondering what the accessory could be.

A small hint, it’s in this photo.

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