[My new school laptop]

I had done a review of a few companies that offered laptops with either no OS or your choice of OS pre-installed a few months ago. I was actually sent an email by InaTux Computers letting me know that they were sorry that they didn't have the inventory to display on their website during my review. They let me know that in the coming days and weeks they would have more to offer in various price ranges, so I kept an eye out for them. They did not disappoint!

The computer linked below is the one that I just bought from them. It's nothing special and won't win me any competitions, but for $633 with shipping, I am not going to complain! To see where the price comes from on this thing, take a look at the video card. While gaming in Linux might still be considered shoddy at best, off-loading compilations to the video card for heavy duty efficiency is not. Couple that with a decent quad core and you've got a very capable mobile dev box, which is what I need.

The main function of this computer is going to be for schoolwork, because of this, I chose to have +fedora pre-installed on it as my school uses a lot of tools that work very well and have support for +Red Hat. Fedora being a RedHat product, you can imagine that the decision didn't take a degree in rocket science.

[Shopping experience]

Like I said, I had done a review of some sites that offered Linux pre-installed on their systems, so I already had a really good idea of what I wanted. InaTux Computers has a very simple site, nothing too flashy, and provides all of the information you could ask for when determining what type of system you want to purchase. They also provide the largest list of options, so far as OSes go, for pre-installation. Others will let you pre-install Ubuntu, Fedora, and possibly Gentoo. InaTux gives you the option of BSD variants, OpenSolaris, a ton of GNU/Linux distros, and even "None". Considering the fact that I enjoy having absolute freedom, I think they catered to me plenty :)

So yeah, quick and painless, with decent pictures of the systems to boot! If you're in the market for a new laptop and you don't need it for gaming, this is definitely a site to check out. The fact that they pre-install Linux for you makes it a no-brainer. Count me as one of those people who won't be counted for Microsoft due to buying a system with that "other" OS forced down my neck. Gotta love that freedom of choice :)

Edit: Link to my original review http://darthlukan.blogspot.com/2011_10_01_archive.html
Pre-Installed GNU/Linux distros, BSD variants, Haiku, OpenSolaris, or any other Free Software operating systems. Our systems are compatible with the operating system.
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You would think if they are targeting Gnu/Linux people they wouldn't use ATI graphics.
+Chad Olson - While I've had some issues with ATI Graphics in Linux, I haven't had anything nearly as severe as others, just the usual driver BS that I see even in Nvidia circles. In my opinion, while it's true that manufacturers don't make it any easier on Linux users, a lot of the graphics related problems that I've seen come about from or are exacerbated by user error. And yes, I include myself in that group. Nobody's perfect.
Did you ask them to load Lemur? LOL I think NVidia cards are more of a pain then the ATI ones in Linux.
+Chris Staunton - I didn't, for maximum compatibility with my school's software, I chose Fedora (more complete description in the post). Though, I will be using the laptop for working on Lemur, as well as testing, so it's not like it's a total loss :P
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