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Good stuff from +Bearman Cartoons. Although it would be kind of cool to keep +Geddy Lee a secret among the few thousand who are in-the-know...
100th Mugging +Geddy Lee of RUSH!!

Since I started doing caricatures (what I call mugging) Google Plussers in September, I have drawn commissions that 100% of the money went to charity and have slogged through a list of requests which tend to give priority to those who engage the most.

I want to thank every person who has circled me, engaged with me, and shared my work to the world. It means a lot.
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I've just added you +Bearman Cartoons to my new Google + account as I heard you were interesting to follow! I can't believe my timing as I LOVE Rush and this is a great likeliness to Geddy! My son, who is an aspiring guitarist went to his first concert 2 years ago and it was with his best friend who happens to be Alex Lifeson's nephew. They had VIP passes and my son was able to go backstage with Rush after and has an awesome picture with Geddy Lee! What a great first concert experience! Anyhow, great job on your picture! :-)
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