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OK that's weird... my post just disappeared. I did not delete it.+Heli Järvenpää can you still see my 29 mile bike ride post? I saw you +1'd it.
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hmm. I still can't see it. Can you click on the timestamp, copy the URL, and paste it here? I'm just curious if I can get to it at all.
OK that is weird. when I click on the time stamp it says that the post cannot be found... but it was still there in my stream...
I did edit the post to add a hashtag. There is no delete button when you edit, only save or cancel. hmm. I guess I'll have to post it again!
oh well, maybe a hard drive somewhere on planet earth just crashed.
Unless it has changed the edit function does have a delete option. I have been caught out by it and accidentally deleted a post being edited by clicking delete instead of save.
Delete is in the same menu with Edit, but once you're editing, pretty sure you can only Save or Cancel. I definitely edited the post to add the hashtag. Maybe that confused things, since when you add a hashtag after originally posting, it doesn't work anyway (I just remembered that).

You can delete a comment when you're editing, if that's what you mean. It was the original post that disappeared, though, not a comment.
I see your 29 mile post +Brian Titus it's still in there, in my stream

Edit: Now they're two :)
+Hakan Köse I bet you can only click the time stamp of the second one and actually get to the post...
Sorry that I didn't answer to you earlier - I was sleeping :-)

At least now I see the post only once. 
But fot some reason it does not show that I've plussed it. So it is the new reposted story that I see now...
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