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It strikes me as just wrong that +TED has 1.9 million "likes" over on Facebook, but only 350 people on G+ have TED in circles. I know they're just starting out here and haven't posted all that much yet, but one way to demonstrate that G+ isn't a ghost town would be to circle the heck out of TED.

So, all you high-follower Plussers -- if you believe in G+ and think that TED's natural home should be here, how about a little resharing to get the word out?
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How many TED videos were shared so far on Google+?
+Jonathan Orosco not sure if that's the right comparison; but even so, there are only 4K plus-1s to 1.9 million likes.
Liking an organisation's page on FB gives you updates, same as following on twitter. +1'ing an organisation's page on G+ doesn't. So circling to follow probably is the right comparison...
Rick L
Well I circle them. To help the ecosystem flourish.
Even though I see all their videos without even having to circle them.
"What's Hot" reminds me every now and then to go to their site and check the latest.
Didn't know they were here! But I do now...
"Who or what is TED?" is my first response. NVM, I'll go follow some links.
it's up to 4626. Not quite 1.9MM, but it's better than 350.
+Shawn Bernard I think the number that we're tracking is "Have TED in Circles" -- which is about 880 now, up from 350. Plus 1's is good, but circling is probably more important for building the Google+ community. Thanks for your help.
+Brian Titus Really really mark up #1. And that ted has transcripts, I loathe listening thru video/pod dripfeeds.
But it's a +1 equivalent to a FB Like? Comparing a Circle to a Like seems like comparing apples to oranges.
The other way +Brian Titus if for +TED to quit being $6k exclusive and maybe more people would be interested in circling them.

I'm just saying.
Perhaps people on Google+ just prefer Solve For X? I'm sure it'll come along in time :-)
Well, as I recall, they changed "Follow" to "Like" on FB for brand pages. I think in order to get wall updates for TED, you'd need to "Like" the page.
Who is ted and why does he need a front man?
They haven't posted much and nobody is circling them. This is related.
+John Heylin -- chicken and egg? They just started on G+. They post a ton on Facebook; would love to see the same level of engagement or better here.
Followed the links, still not interested. Good luck otherwise Ted.
They just started posting on Google+ two weeks ago. Their last update was Feb 23rd. I've also noticed that they are not posting as much on Google+ as they are on Facebook. You get back what you put in.
I'm getting a bad feeling that G+ is losing out to FB.

Disclaimer: I closed my FB account few months before G+ was made available.
I'm in. TED is a good thing everyone should follow.
Awesome! I've searched for +TED a few times to no avail. Glad to see they made it, although I expected them sooner, being the icon of breaking trends and technology.
Calling the G+ community out for not following +TED is a good way to turn us off, especially when the person (group/company/whatever) clearly isn't putting effort into it. You don't subscribe to a magazine because you hope that if enough do that they will start to have good content in them, you subscribe because they already have good content in them. If they put in the effort they will get followers, I mean, we're all nerds here and eat TED stuff up.
I think we know it's a magazine worth subscribing to. We just want them to deliver it here.

With all the negativity surrounding usage last week (thanks WSJ!) I wouldn't blame any organization for not prioritizing their limited resources against G+.
+Brian Titus I really think they can handle themselves (they charge $7,500 just to attend a conference). I seriously doubt they have "limited" resources in the way that you imply. I don't know you, so how do I know you're not some PR shill for them? The company you work for MRM Worldwide is a marketing company.
Brian Titus, what a load of......if you have 1.9 million likes on FB, why are you running you scam here? Why would anyone circle you and your group. If you truly think less is more then you should donate your accumulated hand-outs to a real charity
+Garmon Estes I think if you look at my profile and posts you would see that I am only posting for myself. That said, I completely understand your point of view.
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