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Hmm... so how much of a stretch is it to think we could get into Gramercy Tavern tomorrow for dinner, without a reservation? It's our 5th wedding anniversary on the 5th day of the 5th month. Surely that's enough to cause a disturbance in the Force that frees up a table? (uh oh, mixing Star Wars and wedding anniversary probably just killed it).
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On the contrary. Acknowledging the Force surely will only assist in your efforts. Good luck. ;)
+Tony Catano I'm not so sure my wife would agree with that... although we are the same age, Star Wars did not quite have the same impact on her as it did on me. ;-)
Lol, All the same, may the force be with you both. ;)
The very polite woman on the phone said, "I'll be honest, there's already a pretty long waiting list for Saturday, but I'll be happy to add your name." Well, we can always go for a walk-in in the tavern area.
OK, here's the plan: try to grab an early dinner in the Tavern room, and then head over to B'way to see Jesus Christ Superstar. We decided to get some tickets to a show and thought it might be fun to see that one (and Book of Mormon was about $300 per ticket, so that was out!) I grew up listening to the Superstar album mainly because it featured Ian Gillan of Deep Purple. We also played selections from it in HS marching band, of all things. I've never seen a production of it, so looking forward to a night at the theater!
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