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Err, what's up with this?
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I just said this to my friend. I wish it was wider :-P
At least the could shift the blank space to the left so that the stream is central on the screen. I hope they are working on a quick fix :)
You don't know how to use a widescreen very well. You shove G+ to the side and squish it. You now have the rest of the desktop to do something productive.
My first thought was "WTF"
My second thought was "Oh, that's where the ads will live when they put them on the site."
The whole point is to minimilize real estate on your desktop. This does this, as soon as you learn how to make the window smaller.
I don't have all that empty space. Yes, I have a small flat screen monitor.
+Kurt Mayer One website's needs should not dictate the size of a window, particularly in a tabbed environment where multiple sites may have multiple needs.
Hahahaha- great one! I wonder who decided the screen needed cataracts!
the grey on grey kills me. fricking kid designers with their young eyes.
+Brian Titus For the young eyes it looks easier on the eye. They should give colour scheme options in the form of themes maybe.
I have 48 year old eyes! :-((
Mine now FEEL slightly older -- and covered in cataracts
this could be my most popular post ever. leaving a great impression wherever I go... :-P
Windows people tend to fullscreen all they apps. This isnt even that weird, but normally the white space is devided left and right. On my mac chrome window is higher than wide
I think its nice and clean, i multitask so i don't need it to be any wider.
+Clare Cosgrove I just wish Ned had been a part of it... oh well, there's always the next redesign!
Am I doing something wrong that my chat bar vanishes when I re size my window?
I'm on a tiny laptop monitor right now and I too want the stream to be wider. Give me an option to get rid of this junk on the sides!
why do you have your browser window that large? Just because you have a large monitor doesnt mean everything has to be full screen. 1999 called and said shrink that browser window!
+Jason Taylor I have 2 monitors. I like to throw Chrome on one and full screen it. Never been a problem until 1 hour ago. How is that my issue?
i think aspect ratio is more important to that effect than a specific resolution
and to that statement your are using a very non standard aspect ratio
+Brian Titus what happens if you "zoom in" your browser when chrome is full screen? Does it look okay? Is the white space reduced?
prime marketing UI realestate right there.. sure google haven't thought of that
People have been complaining about that white space on the right. I just learned Vic Gundotra confirmed that the white space on widescreens is NOT for advertisement!! Google has plans for that, but is not giving any details yet!
In five short letters, the new Google+ layout S-U-C-K-S!

There are many of us who refuse to get a FaceButt account, so what does Google+ do? They go and make Google+ look and act and feel like FaceButt!

Google just needs to stop eff'ing with things that are working well. To make my point, look at the failed Google menu thingy, and how they keep f***ing with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Groups ... and the list goes on and on and on.
On a big screen like that, you don't run Browsers in fullscreen. There's room for other windows.
May be Google wants you to draw something nice in the white space.

Update your .net Framework to 4.0
It looks amazing on my vertical monitor ;-)
The new G+ does not look like facebook in any shape, way, or form...I just compared the 2.
I have the same problem here!!!
Maybe they're only concerned about tablet resolutions? Regardless, this minimalist version of google+ needs to be maximized.
The space is going to be used for something that Google will not talk about but it will not be ads
it would be nice if comments shifted to the right on larger screens
now that you mention I don't like it too :)
They said they have future plans. But, it's not ads. That's for sure.
plans? I want to know now it bugs me
I know, they're teasing! :)
I bet more gadgets you put on the left the less space you will get on the right :)
Actually, Google+ now fits perfectly as a half screen on my 1440x900 monitor. I can have it open all the time now and still maybe get some work done. Maybe.
Maybe, whatever the reason, I'm excited. They say they'll be announcing those soon. I'm in love with Google+, hahaha.
+Steve Wilde oh shit you are right , now I can talk to my parents on skype and have fun in G+
This area has content at the top. I imagine they just don't want "flowing" content, because stories should all be the same width. Also, chat opens there, profile pictures show there, and some other features (I won't say more!) are showing up soon.
Its neat i like it..and people are exaggerating the space..its not even that doesn't bother me at all!
I've heard rumors from some sorta-sorta inside people. Who knows. But they are good rumors. And no, it won't be advertisements. lol.
Yup, that's for sure. And wow, you're lucky! That's exciting. I can't wait. Seems BIG.
I agree but wow ... people are giving shit about this eh? I prefer THAT than those Facebook ads and ticker...
Yeah ... I must really be doing something wrong on my dual 30" monitors running 2500 x 1600. I have to shrink Chrome browser down a lot to cope with the new G+ layout being blank in the middle !!
I often wonder if developers ever ask users their opinions or just create something THEY think looks good and then they expect everyone else to like it too. One of the first rules of successful product development...involve end users EARLY and OFTEN.

Very poor design and use of real estate. Guess it doesn't matter how much resolution I have on my screen, I can only use a portion of it. And, I have no options to hide things like the chat bar. Ugly and not user friendly. Two strikes, Google.
you've got that right - UI design #fail
why you dont get it,it is a place for ad! :D
I was very curious about all the white space.
Looks even funnier on my 30" in full screen @ 2560x1600. I could fit a 21" monitor in that white space :)
Who actually has their browser open full screen? 2009 called, they want some of that screen real estate back.
That space is to load FB news feed.. LOL
Was just going to make a post like this. Horrible. Gone the way of Facebook.
Feeds? I hope not, that's privacy issue right there.
Haha, just moved my google chrome window to the samsung tv screen monitor and I got the same thing :|
Google "Mystery Date Board Game"

Was on this week's Mad Men also.
The same space that facebook shares.
I think the main problem is that you're running your browser full screen on such a large display. I can't think of anything to put in the space where your big red X is that wouldn't make the UI feel cluttered. G+ is kind of cluttered as it is.
+Mattias Bengtsson I would have liked the stream comments to have stretched out a little, at a minimum. It just looks ridiculous the way it is now with content jammed to either side. it didn't feel this way yesterday prior to redesign.
you could say the same thing about google's search engine
Not meant for full screen use?
And white space just begs to be filled. It NEEDS to be filled.
It probably doesn't look nearly as bad on my home machine or laptop. We'll have to see. I can't believe how many shares/+1's on this post; it sure touched a nerve!
They broke it.... end of story.
Drag out the Tab from the browser, and make it's size as small as it suites you... makes it look like an app :)
(although yes, maybe Google should do something about it)
thats for hangouts... you can video chat and manage the stream at the same time
You also use that space for GTalk chats.
i think they designed this on smaller computers. My 13 inch macbook pro has very little white space.
I run the chrome Gchat extension, I have zero need for that waste of space.
Well, one chat window doesn't cover up content. More than that and it gets unruly.
Mas Put
Copy Facebook Part 1
This isnt a Facebook Copy. Too many people are saying this. The PREVIOUS version was Facebook -- Lists on the left, content in the center, ads on the right. Google has taken the best from all it's worlds of knowledge. The left is now an icon dock, like an Operating System (Thank ChromeOS & ChromeBook), the content is now an unparalleled asynchronous stream with dazling share and comment features. The whitespace will be filled soon ( here's an idea of some stuff), and the right is information 100% relevant to the topic(s) at hand -- no advertisements, spam, promotions, etc.
Interesting, I wonder what are the common resolution for monitors in the U.S. and Europe. Here in my country the 1024x768 is still pretty standard with some people and offices upgrading to "big" 1360x768, and G+ doesn't seem all that bad. I have dual 1360x768 back at home.
You are alright.. Its totally scattered, They have to handle it.
eeer, it's called a window. Works best if you don't maximize :) Give it a try it'll change your life.
Everything worked just fine yesterday.
urgh ... even on my small 1440x900 screen there is too much empty whitespace ... also left bar: unnecessary, chat looks too important now, the dividing everything ... => cancer :( like they want me to use sth else ...
Why are people running their browser full screen? Come on it's not 1999.
Because it's easy and simple to run things on one screen. You won't have problems with trying to scroll down on an inactive window, you can only focus on one thing at a time anyway and if you need to switch windows, alt+tab is burned into our muscle memory. Having a full screen browser makes sure you don't miss anything on poorly coded websites with crazy dimension settings. To easily close a window on a windows machine all you need to do it ram the mouse in a forward right motion to always hit the red x.
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