24576 cells

Wondering what a map of all the regional cells look like? Mystified by the meaning of the letters and numbers in each cell ID? Here's a world map of (almost) every cell. There are 24576 in all, divided into six equal groups of 4096 cells each. The first two letters in a cell's ID corresponds to the face of a cube surrounding the sphere that is Earth. You can probably guess what they each stand for.

Each pair of letters is then followed by a number from 0 to 15, then an alphabetical designation (Papa, Romeo, Sierra, etc.) of which there are 16, and finally another number from 0 to 15. 6 × 16 ×16 × 16 combinations = 24576, which is the number of cells.

What order are the cells numbered? Look up "Hilbert curve". It looks like the second image attached here. This is why when you look at the neighbouring cells in your scanner, the names seem to be related, but not in a straightforward order.

More info here: http://goo.gl/wpZ2X5
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