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My first post as part of the new LinkedIn publishing program...Plugging into the Future of Humanity: Exploring the Human API. What do you think?
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Hey Brian! Great post! Love the Human API idea! BTW this publishing program is an awesome feature on Linkedin! Do you need the new profile design to make this work?
My ancestors, the ancient navigators, were human APIs. The only way to learn what they know was through experience, engaging and manipulating their environment/context. They practiced not to get things right but focussed on not getting things wrong. This paradigm of thought reduces risk while inherently increasing opportunities for success.

I think for deeper meaning and understanding, they (the navigators) understood their "why's" before the "how's" and "what's". The latter fell into place through gained knowledge and wisdom. Learn from the past and fine tune better what one knows. 

Understanding why is at the root of learning, systems integration, the internet of things (IoT) and our interaction with devices, systems, information and people. The continuous interplay between stakeholder touchpoints, technology, design (by engineering (touchpoints) to creative imagination (process)) and kaizen learning only serves to create more effective and efficient engagement.

In the ocean of data, those people that understand the currents of meaning and winds of conversation to create and take advantage of  the perfect storms will be the successful 'brand navigators'/'experience architects' of the future. However, the standout leaders and entrepreneurs will be the ones who blueprint and map out this future for the betterment and empowerment of us all.
+Mahei Foliaki This is one of the most powerful comments I've read in a while and of course it would come from you. Wow! May I ask a favor, would you mind posting it over at LinkedIn at the bottom of the post please? I want everyone to see it. Thank you brother.
+Brian Solis thanks brother! I'm so thankful I listened to my elders and the navigators (traditional and contemporary) on the many different ways to see the world and interpret 'data' really. A bientot!

BTW, where would one meet a former navigator on a US naval ship? Google+ off course! haha. When I posted something a while back about ancient Pacific mariners, it was humbling how he glowingly shared his thoughts of comparing how he used the most advanced navigational instruments to sail our seas and how our people did it. 
In the beginning there was "The Word" and the word shaped everything.  We are simply seeing the logical evolution of this.  These devices, data and networks are new creations or further expressions of The Word.  The message is the medium! 
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