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On Twitter, nobody is heaping praise on me. What should my favorite strategy be?   
Brilliant! And since you can embed tweets, your favorites list can be easily converted into a HTML testimonials / social proof page. Or you could put them in emails, next to email list opt-in forms, on sales pages...interesting :)
Hi Brian,
Thank you for noticing us! I simply mined your Favorites stream and found a few positive patterns. I appreciate your support of our post - your influence has been quite interesting on our blog and our Twitter presence. Thank you! 
+Grant Hensel Interesting idea...wish Posterous could embed the tweets. Ironic that it's owned by Twitter now and not easily compatible. Might have to create a fresh page at 
+Grant Hensel those are brilliant ideas! Would you notify me if you decide to build a social proof page. I would also love to see how an email would look as well as a opt-in form. Well done!
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