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Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology…thx for this @boomerangist!
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Indeed. Presenting at a local podcamp tomorrow on the psychology of social media. With an academic background in Psychology combined with a natural affinity for observing behavior, this has been my approach from the beginning. When you understand the behavior, it's easy to see why certain things work. 
With all the Social Media, we are more disconnected from each other than what we think.
To a self proclaimed SEO expert, I suppose you would look at social media this way.
Excellent quote. Social Media is just another tool to communicate. If you are not communicating clearly, you will hear static on any channel. Entrepreneurs need the big picture.
+Jason Honingford SEO is behavior too. :P How people search, what they search for, where they search, etc etc. There's the technical application of it, but everything is a human problem, a question of behavior. 

I worked in SEO for 6 years and was trained by one of the veterans of the field. It's technical and analytical but it is most definitely also behavioral.
If you keep confusing social networks with social media people will continue to confuse. 
I agree. But, I think the key phrase that's missing is 'When done well..." 
wow that is way to true are you a like a scientist
It's about experiences, and how brands need to know how to trigger the right kind, to invoke true engagement and loyalty.  
Yes, social media is rather a semiotics combo- anthropology, sociology, psychology, all rolled into one supersized meal. Still the message must be packaged in context for the user, just like any other medium.
+Brian Solis I used this in my podcamp presentation yesterday (which went very well from what I hear). Just thought you'd like to know.
i am a psychology student and i have been given this assignment of making a report or 2 pages on what i understood from it....ummmm i need some help :) Thnk u
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