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Interesting stats. Would love to see an ongoing update on the progress. Any leads? What are your thoughts. Brand managers, community managers, are you out there?
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it would be nice if there was a central G+ page with a listing of all the brand pages
does anyone else feel that for small businesses G+ pages it should be merged with Google Places in some way - it just seems like we're doubling up on work and content
Coke ?, i don't care
Pepsi?, i don't care
Apple?, i don't care

+TWiT?, I do care.

Following brands that you actually care is why some brands have no followers... errrm circlers?
I personally think that the main focus right now for brands should be in the search implications of G+. Our customers may not be using it yet, but Google certainly is. That should be reason enough to be involved in the near term. Fans or followers will come as the network matures. I have set up a brand page for my company (+VerticalResponse ), but am yet to promote it widely, as I'd rather spend some time building out our content and making it clear to our customers what they can expect when joining us on G+. No point in inviting people to an empty party...
Companies don't know what they are doing yet with their profiles. It's going to take awhile to figure out how to deliver value and get people to keep coming back. My page +Party Biz Connect is just getting started. A few people have signed up, but it's because I haven't engaged with it yet. This will soon change.
Maybe Google could recommend some Brand Pages according to your posts in a ads area with special backgroud color
My thought at the moment is that the NUMBERS regarding followers will be less important than on facebook.
I think by 2013 most brands will have understood that buying fans is not a solution, and that quality matters most. That quality on facebook is tough to maintain, as it implies heaps of CM to keep the rhythm going (and media buying for some sponsored stories...).
On g+, it will be a little bit easier : Quality is not just about community management, but also about the critical gains in terms of SEO and visibility.
Once g+ pages get a top spot on SERP, this quality item will matter more than any number of fans/followers. You won't need to "follow" a brand to see its content, you'll just need to type in a search.
I tried and mocked up how it could be implemented (in a very simple way... no designer inside) :
61 percent of world's top 100 brands is 61 brand?
why so complicated?
Patrick, I think you are referring to +Google+ Page Directory? It is a great source of company pages.

I totally agree with your point that only one person is able to manage a page. It is a big issue and being able to share responsibilities and time will make a huge difference at a lot of businesses who are looking to grow on Goolge+.
Agree with Patrick and +Chris Brogan 100%. No API limits the usefulness of the pages, no shared authority and access to the page risks the brand. Until I can toss Google+ into Hootsuite and manage all of our profiles the pages will be temporary markers.
They are not marketing they are on Google+. If you don't know who is on here, how do you know to look for them? Once they start placing it in marketing (ads, promos, etc) it will be slow going. For example, Pepsi is on Google + but if you go to their website, you see YouTube (top) then Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (bottom). No Google+
Are these brands doing anything other than creating a Google+ page that would make me want to follow circle them?
In my opinion, many companies are spending little if any time investing in their pages. Case in point, +AT&T. They have posted a whopping 6 times since they first posted on November 7th. That's horrible. How can a multibillion dollar company not afford to put one of their thousands of employees in charge of a page that has the potential to reach 50 million G+ users? It seems like they are trying hard not to succeed. (Disclosure - I am a 4 year AT&T customer and I am happy with their service).

I am not (I hope) a conspiracy buff. But, it's pretty obvious to me that Google has a love/hate relationship with a lot of businesses for some legitimate (search algorithms) and some petty reasons. I believe that could be the leading cause of stinky business pages. ie. Let's put one up, say it didn't work, and that will lead to negative articles like the one +TechCrunch just wrote.

On a positive note, I think +The Verge has done an outstanding job with their business page.
If no one is following, it's probably because the dopey corporations and their "brands" are not interacting with people and not sharing expertise in a non-commercial manner.
Google+ requires you actively promote your brand. Other social media sites can grow organically with less effort. With G+ you must really work at growing your G+ Page
I have to agree with Jerry, right now companies are not putting the resources in until they find a conceivable ROI; however, you can bet Google will be using Google+ in their search algorithm in the future, which is enough for me to say go all in.
would you follow a brand on facebook AND on twitter? only if there was a different value/benefit. Right now, it doesn't look like there is anything more than a presence on G+, so people (especially people on Google+, which is a less mainstream platform with than FB with different mindset and sophistication) need to be attracted and convinced that there is a benefit.
ROI? Corporations need to get their heads off what they can do to exploit customers, and focus on what value and benefit they are offering to people to convince them to follow brands on social media.

They must move from "What's in it for us?" to "What are we providing to them?" Would it kill corporations to start being altruistic, build excitement by sharing expertise as well as discounts, comparison guides, and product info?
Speaking from a small business perspective I don't have a mechanism for getting the word out to people to join My Business Page. I can't ask them to join or follow them unless they follow me first. My existing clients are not represented significantly on Google + and even though we are making an effort to get them to join it is slow.
Comparatively on my personal page it is relatively easy to follow existing clients and even comment on their posts, as I am doing here. Someone can read this find it interesting and then follow me in return. Unless I am missing something it is going to be very slow for small business adoption of google pages because of limitations.

I realize your post was focused on larger organizations that should already have a fan base and probably my observations are not the inhibiting factor for them but I thought it was an opportunity to voice my frustration from a small business perspective.
HEY GUYS -- Are you sending these great suggestions to Google via the Feedback link? Please do. They are very good ideas! :^)
I'm loving this conversation! Nevertheless, I don't fully understand why are these numbers surprising if we take into consideration the marketing and interactive tools available in Facebook as opposed to the ones that are offered within the G+ platform...
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