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I recently had the privilege of presenting at the GDOL Digital Talkfest in Istanbul. Prior to my trip, I met with Capital Magazine for an in-depth interview. They asked some very important questions, questions that you may be pondering now. Not only did I answer them, I over answered them. I did so to help provide clarity and guidance for those seeking substance and not fluff...
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+Brian Solis I think your question "what do successful customer relationships and experiences look like in social media?" says it all!
+james Debono +Brian Solis I agree 10000% with James. Brian you more than most, when addressing social media, continue to zero in on "Customer Experience". I don't feel so alone now. :):)

"Perhaps businesses should ask another question…what do successful customer relationships and experiences look like in social media?" Yes !!
+Brian Solis another great piece Brian. Is it just me but with the focus on Customer Service does it not feel a bit like 'back to the future'? Giving customers what they want, how and when they want it now with a new technology enabler. Engaging with honesty, transparency and respect feels a lot like the way customer service in many industries used to be.
+Brian Solis Appreciate the shine you gave to Tyco...we are really making strides in social biz, which in turn is benefitting our culture.
I watched you speak in Istanbul and am still thinking about how you described the customer relationship as a cycle and not a funnel. I find that image very useful. Any insights you can share from your time in Istanbul with regard to Gen-C? Anything going on here in Turkey that caught your attention?
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