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“Courage is grace under pressure.” – Ernest Hemingway

This is your time…
It Takes Courage · Tweet. April 13, 2012; No Comments. It's inevitable that I will get the question. You'd think by now that I would learn to expect it…that I would prepare for it…or have a re...
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+Brian Solis What are the chances of two 'Harold's' being the first to answer this post?! LOL Must be a glitch in the G+ Matrix...LOL
+Brian Solis, I can't even tell you how timely this is. I teach social media to animal welfare groups and rescues, which is an industry that operates in the lens of learned helpless and "we've always done it this way"-ism. The young and creative people are trying to change perceptions through social media and they need hope. I am sharing this through all +Helen Woodward Animal Center's social channels today because I think this validates those folks who see the need for change and are being told 'no' over and over again. Thank you!!!!
I’d like to add that courage is not a discriminate innate quality. Courage can be chosen at any point by anyone. It can also be regained if lost.

In reference to the post, if we painted our masterpiece on a napkin yesterday, we have the option of painting it again on a canvas today. If we made a promise that went unrealized, we have the option to realize it now. If we have been absent of courage up until this moment, we have the option of applying courage from this point forward.

The ability to initiate, rebound, start again, or change direction is a critical attribute of courage. Not only do we each have this ability to aid our perseverance, each one of us has already exemplified this ability one way or another. It’s not whether we are one of the courageous, it’s how we use the courage we already possess.
I love the Ernest Hemingway quote and you have so captured what I see on an almost daily basis. I often say to my team that we will look back on the time we are in right now and say WOW! It almost feels like we are living in the 'eye of a storm' with no concept of what is surrounding us.
+Jennifer Novia So beautifully stated...there's also elements of passion and inspiration to help us unlock the courage we already possess. Sometimes we just need a push! +1
I recently heard Dr. OZ say to an audience on another subject that also applies here "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"
Very encouraging post but is there a spark/situation that prompted its birthing?
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