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There's a significant difference between engagement and activity...they're both worthy of measurement, but one is truly worthy of investment. Let's talk about it.
Tweet. April 23, 2012; 16 Comments. The headline calls attention to everything that's wrong with how businesses measure engagement in social media today. Businesses that invest any level of market...
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Indeed there is. While I was reading this, I thought of the recent Robin Sloan tap essay "What does it mean to love something on the internet" - It can be found here: I think you and she are both getting at the same thing - how do we go beyond the transactional nature of the liking phenomena into something deeper. Certainly "relentlessly providing value" helps us get there, as you note. There is also some nugget that I am just not fully grasping around how we actually create the content - do we have the intention of making something that people will love (come back to multiple times, etc).
+Zack Luby Thank you so much for sharing Robin's essay. Taking a look now.
No problem +Brian Solis . I found that the essay has stuck with me after reading, and has spurred me to some new thinking/perspective.
My favourite comment from this post is "Engagement is not defined through Likes, comments, shares, RTs or impressions. This activity is simply a result of engagement." So very true Brian!
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