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Make 'em smile. Make 'em laugh. Share. Repeat.
Make 'em smile. Make 'em laugh. Share. Repeat.

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All this work on Artificial Intelligence by Google is great, but sometimes I wonder if Google itself (oops, sorry, now called Alphabet) is actually run by an inhuman computer.

Check out all of their help forums and guides. All seem devoid of any human connection. Anyone else notice this? The 'human' connection is done by volunteers helping others out.

Data and algorithms can give us great insight, but it cannot replace the human connection if it does not accept the weaknesses of the human condition.

Man up Google. Oops, I mean hu-Man Up.

Define Google: Tech Smart, People Dumb

Isn't it interesting how that answer can be the same, whether you ask Google or normal people.

Google: Tech is what makes all of our lives better. Tech is the answer to everything. Those who don't embrace tech the way Google does just don't understand. It's not that people are dumb... well, actually it is. They don't take the time to understand our vision.

People: They do search, right? Wait, they do other things like shared files, HIIPA compliance, office tools, and most of the same things that Microsoft does?

Apple and Microsoft: We make tech dumb, so people can feel smart.
Google: We are smart, we make smart tech. People are dumb.

Until that changes, Google will remain 'just a search engine'.

[this was brought on by a client dropping Google services because his office doesn't "like" Google, and they instead will use another service that is twice is expensive.]

#GoogleSuite #GoogleApps #GoogleForBusiness #GoogleChangesNames #GoogleDoesNotGetIt

Just spoke with a client having email problems. Looked at the headers:
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.5512

Those of you thinking "don't fix if ain't broke" and still holding onto your 20 year old computers.... this is NOT something to be proud of.
If you are some super-geek managing XP and legacy systems, maybe it's ok. But if you think you are out-smarting the industry by not buying into the 'upgrade' hype, you are showing your absolute ignorance. (to me it just looks like you are just being cheap, and disrespectful to all those real techies that have told you to upgrade)

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How nice of Google to email all Google Apps (Google for Work) admins that Google Plus is now part of the Core Services, yet there is no mention on Google Plus or any of Google's official blogs about it.

It says a lot about the service when Google doesn't even use it, doesn't it?

Google actually thinks everyone knows what they are talking about.

All this is saying is that Google+, the service 98% of my customers do not use, will now be covered by Google's core service support.
So, for the 2% that use Google+, they are now guaranteed that the service will stay up and running, and you can now get support.

Yeah! <he says sarcastically to the clueless Goliath>

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Live and let live.

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Something to read later...

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Obligatory photo of "Daffodils in the Snow" on first day of Spring

Now was the time, and we missed it.

Every moment of every day we have the opportunity, the chance, the duty to actually progress and improve, and yet, it seems, every moment of every day we fail. Do we not have a responsibility to do improve? Will this year be any different? Will today be any different?

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I think I know why I'm a bit sore, still, after several days.
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