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Brian Shea

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How nice of Google to email all Google Apps (Google for Work) admins that Google Plus is now part of the Core Services, yet there is no mention on Google Plus or any of Google's official blogs about it.

It says a lot about the service when Google doesn't even use it, doesn't it?

Google actually thinks everyone knows what they are talking about.

All this is saying is that Google+, the service 98% of my customers do not use, will now be covered by Google's core service support.
So, for the 2% that use Google+, they are now guaranteed that the service will stay up and running, and you can now get support.

Yeah! <he says sarcastically to the clueless Goliath>
The best of Google, now for Work.
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Brian Shea

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Live and let live.
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Brian Shea

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Now was the time, and we missed it.

Every moment of every day we have the opportunity, the chance, the duty to actually progress and improve, and yet, it seems, every moment of every day we fail. Do we not have a responsibility to do improve? Will this year be any different? Will today be any different?
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I'm trying 
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Brian Shea

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I think I know why I'm a bit sore, still, after several days.
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that's cute
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Brian Shea

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Let's build a fort for #caturday!
We can make a new day, like #catfortday or just #catfort
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Brian Shea

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Somewhere in Iceland
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Brian Shea

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Something to read later...
All of us procrastinate in one way or another. I’m sure we can all remember putting off studying for that dreadful exam or thesis paper in college. But you
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Brian Shea

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Obligatory photo of "Daffodils in the Snow" on first day of Spring
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Obligatory plus one, nice light and shadows.
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Brian Shea

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Merry #Catmas
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many happy returns
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Brian Shea

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Very first impression of new G+, I wonder what happened to the 'story' section of the About page.
It would seem to me that removing the story section removes the one thing that offered a personal view of a person.

Now, it's just about contact info. Nothing personal about that.,
How does Google always remove things when going 'forward'?
Not every new design/feature/concept from Google needs to be started from scratch. Yes, I'm looking at you, Google Talk, Voice, Hangouts, Hangouts Dialer, Messenger. WTF.

Google, it's time to have your teams meet each other.
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Merci +Brian Shea for your thoughts. I haven't gotten that far yet to notice the new "features" (i.e., glitches, bugs, fopaws) you noted. No story? What's up w/ that? Hmm. Time to drop out of the plus? Perhaps ...
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Brian Shea

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Ignorance is bias-free. It clings to beliefs, right or wrong, good or bad, for no reason but it's existence in our heads.
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Brian Shea

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  • Internet and Beyond
    Information Technology, 1980 - 2014
    All learning based on self-taught interests and needs, focusing on the most efficient processes while keeping long term goals in mind using Best Practices for each field, always with a view of 5 years ahead.
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Make 'em smile. Make 'em laugh. Share. Repeat.
Trying to escape web technology with web technology doesn't seem to be working well for me.

If I'm wrong, tell me. I'd rather be corrected than be wrong. 

Quick note, before I eventually update this profile:
I am prone to say things that might offend, though they are not meant to. If you find something I say offensive, please let me know. I am not likely to change anything, but I am also not offended by you taking offense to what is very likely a joke that you did not enjoy.
(I mention this because I've been yelled at for poking kittens with forks, and when I tried to explain that I was kidding, that I only use spoons on kittens and wait for them to grow before using forks, well, uh, it didn't go well.. thus this disclaimer)

Please, if you are not open-minded, or easily offended, do not circle or follow me. You can check my posts, and they are not all rude and crude, but it is important to be prepared that there may be something taken the wrong way, and I do not wish to upset anyone. Turn away.

Another point: as I am not one to post everything I do, have done, can do, know or don't know, it can be very hard to _judge_ a person simply by reading a profile. Some things I know very well, other things I know people that know more, such as Online Marketing. (I mention this because I had someone blast me for saying I do Online Profiles or something... which I can but I prefer to farm out marketing to people much better at it)

Here are some Circles I might fit into:
  • Photography
  • Humor, Sarcasm, Irony, Absurdity
  • Google+
  • Small Business 
  • Internet Usage for Home and Business
  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Hacks
  • Technology
  • General Rants
  • possible delving into science, religion, politics, health, and whatever else floats into my head.
The problem with G+ Circles is that some people don't fit into one circle. So, while one week someone might talk about a topic you are interested in, they may not touch that topic again for months, and suddenly your getting cat pictures every day in your Rocket Science circle.

So, perhaps the best circle to put me in:
  • Scattered and unpredictable
Moderator in the Following Communities:
Over time, I guess this profile should be filled out?

While there are multiple 'Other Profiles' below, most are there just to get an understanding of them. And, of course, being in Web Tech, I kinda need to know about them.

It looks like Google+ will likely become the main profile, with LinkedIn rounding out work info.

Work related friends and associates can connect via LinkedIn or the Google+ Seven Sages page

It is hard to keep two distinct profiles to separate business and personal, but it is really the proper way of going, at least that's my current thinking in 2012-13. 2014 might see a merging of profiles. might

==== mid-2014
Why can't I get anything done for myself? I may need to cut back on taking on work from clients so I can do my own plumbing, cut my own lawn, paint my own house. Those are _figurative,_ not literal. Literally.
Bragging rights
to brag, one must have accomplished something, haven't they? Maybe when I write my 7th book "Wasted Potential" will I have bragging rights. (I have to write just 1 first though)
Website Management, Web marketing, Personal Web Identity Management
Photography, Online Marketing, Social Media, Email Management, Website Developement and Management
  • Web Management and Marketing @ Seven Sages, LLC
    Owner, 1996 - present
    In the ever changing tech world, and quick pace of Internet progress, adapting to change is vital. Starting with computers way back in 1982 (and TRON), then on the Internet in 1992, before there was actually a WWW (1994), skills have varied from programming animation, desktop publishing, database design, coding and management, networking protocols, web design, email management, website development, community building, eCommerce, spam filtering, computer security, wireless technology (wifi and cellular), web server and email server management, and.... oh, my fingers are getting tired, and that is all just pre-2000. (ok, the mobile internet was 2002) Since 2002? More and more security for servers and websites and email. More and more constant changes in SEO and online marketing. More and more online profiles and social media. Mobile anyone? 2012 starts bringing in more attention to privacy and information protection, leading to secure SSL connections and email/document archiving, encryption, compliance issues. And moving forward past 2014 we have more enforcement of privacy regulations and laws to force adoption of 'Best Practices' for protection of information in the Cloud and the desktop. Looking to have the company bought out, since 1996. Make a large offer, please.
  • FDNY
    Firefighter, 1987 - 2002
    Firefighter in NYC, Bronx No sure there is much to add to this.
  • FDNY - BFI
    Fire Marshal, 1994 - 1997
    Besides investigating causes of fires, also worked in Special Investigations (SIU) bringing tech skills to fatal fires for computerized floor plans and sketches, database development, and publishing tools for training manuals.
  • FDNY - BOT
    TV and Video Producer, 1992 - 1994
    Bureau of Training (The Rock) - Video camera work, on-camera work, audio, production, editing for training videos, and TV show for broadcast to NYC cable system. Hands-on work with new technology called Video Editing Software for non-linear editing. Database development and computer support.
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I hadn't been here in a few months, and I really liked the service where there was always an offer to help get something for you. That was good because it always felt cramped in this little place. I just stopped in and, wow, major upgrades. The small addition to the side of the building and redesign of layout have created a very nice looking shop.
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We didn't even know of the change of owners and we ordered a tray of food for a party. And was surprised how much better it was.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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