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I have a MacBook and MacBook Pro, each running Lion, that fail to connect to a new wireless router with WPA. Can anyone help? (Yes, I've Googled enough to find that it's a common bug, but haven't found a solution that actually works.)
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Which router is it and what have you tried so far?
Also, my iPhone, iPad, TV, and Google TV all connect fine, so it's clearly a Lion issue.
Can I ask what version of macbook is it?

I ask because from all the posts on the forums, you probably have a macbook with the Atheros wireless chip and the driver in Lion has been notoriously problematic. If all the above attempted fixes have not worked then it sounds like you may want to try something a bit more drastic?
Roger, are you suggesting that this might not be a bug, but rather a feature designed to get me to buy another Apple product? I already have plenty and expect to be rewarded by having my existing products "just work," without having to buy more.
Okay, then. I'm quite close to biting the bullet and getting an Airport. I did a speed test on my TV and found I was getting .91 Mbps down, while I'm getting 25.08 from my computer (connected via Ethernet). Would an Airport fix that problem too? And should I go Express or Extreme?
Should I use the Extreme to replace my crap Comcast Wireless Gate way completely, or use an Express as an adjunct to that piece of crap? And will it increase my download speed on wirelessly connected devices?
Whatever I get, I'll be connecting directly to the Comcast unit via Ethernet. Thanks for your advice, Roger. I'm off to the Apple store soon ...
Boom. $179 and a few minutes of setup, and I now have a strong wireless network (TV, Google TV, and all of my Macs) throughout my house. Thanks, Roger.
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