Spent a few hours trying to figure out a Proguard problem with Joda Time when exporting an Android application package.

My project includes joda-time-2.0.jar, builds fine in Eclipse, and runs on an attached Android device. However, when I tried exporting the project as an unsigned application package, I encountered a list of errors of the form: "[proguard] Warning: org.joda.time.LocalDateTime: can't find referenced class org.joda.convert.FromString" and then suggestions like "[proguard] You may need to specify additional library jars (using '-libraryjars')".

What is actually happening is that the missing "FromString" class is an annotation that is not actually present as a class file in joda-time-2.0.jar. There's a claim (http://www.scala-lang.org/node/10575) that a missing annotation class file is not supposed to affect compilation, which sounds correct, but I don't know where this is formally stated.

Anyway, blame aside, the fix is to download and include joda-convert (http://joda-convert.sourceforge.net/) in the project's build path.
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