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I grow companies, rapidly
I grow companies, rapidly

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Greetings Team Leadpages,

   I wanted to start an initial conversation and build a relationship with you guys leading up to our product launch. Optimally we see it as a value-add technology piece for the Leadpages community.

   Some initial questions I'm looking to discuss :

- What are the best practices to become a Technology Partner w/ Leadpages?
- What can we do to better serve the Bigcommerce community given what we are and what we can do ?

   Looking forward to chatting with someone. 

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Only 126 days until the 7th annual Google I/O, when we come together with amazing developers like you to talk about what's next. On June 25-26, 2014, we’ll be broadcasting live from Moscone West. You can join us in person in San Francisco or remotely, via a live stream and through I/O Extended community events around the world. 

More details to come next month, including registration info. In the meantime, you can check out highlights from last year at

Also, quick note for those who want to join in person: this year we’re making some changes to registration, so you won’t need to scramble the second registration opens. We'll be implementing a new system, where you can submit your interest to attend Google I/O 2014. Successful applicants will then be randomly selected and notified shortly thereafter. We’ll be following up with more details from +GoogleDevelopers, so stay tuned.

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Its a New Year - Time to rebrand  ;-)

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Election watchdog Bersih will set up a people's tribunal to investigate the extent of electoral fraud and irregularity. Pemantau has been collecting evidence and reports from the public through SMS, calls and an on-line form using Ushaidi.

The on-line form needs improvements including easy to use fields for the public to enter voting centres and multimedia uploads. We will also try to identify other improvements and bugs that can be fixed.

This is an important task, as the public will be called on to submit evidence of electoral fraud, which will be reviewed by the people's tribunal. We need to make it easy to submit reports of electoral fraud. We also need visualizations to sift through thousands of reports for the panel of the people's tribunal and the general public.


- MariaDB/MySQL
- PHP (other languages also for scraping/re-organizing data)
- Graphics Design
- System Administration
- Copy editing
- Visualization
- Bug triaging/documentation
- Testers

We will be meeting to discuss the issues, plan of action and then begin work. We will be sprinting again the next day (Saturday). 


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Can't recommend this enough.. EPIC
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