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Theme Showcase Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Individual theme components (bootanimation, icons, etc) can be submitted. They will show up in their respective browsing category

Get the new theme engine official theme template:

Want your stuff included on the Theme Showcase? Here's EVERYTHING you need to know and do:

What you need to submit:
- Theme APK
- Overview image
- Detail image(s)
- Theme info

Overview Images:
Most important is the image that will appear in the showcase "Browse" list. There are strict rules about what can be in your overview image. Please see the attached "Theme Listing Outline" PDF for instructions.

Additionally, there should be separate overview images for each browsing category (e.g. Icons, Style, etc) that show only that particular feature. Some categories do not require overview images. See the guideline PDF for more details

Templates have been provided in Adobe Illustrator format for creating these images.

Detail Images:
These are screenshots of your theme content. Each image should show unique content for your theme content. See the PDF for further instructions.

Theme info:
Title - Your theme's name
Author - Your name
Package Name - Your package's namespace on the Play Store (e.g. com.flux.theme.flux)
Store Price - Cost on Play Store (if free, leave blank)
Version - Version string (e.g. "1.5.2")
versionCode - Current version code for Play Store listing (e.g. "25")
Description - A one to three sentence description of your theme. (e.g. "GreatFreedom is a theme that is stylishly designed with solid colors, I tried to keep it as close to stock CM as possible apart from the icons.")
Tags - Metatags for your theme (e.g. "60+ icons, Blacked out")
Features - A list of CM-engine features your theme supports. Valid features are: STYLE, WALLPAPER, LOCKSCREEN, FONTS, ICONS, BOOTANIMATION, SOUNDS

For now, you can submit all of the above to
Please include "Theme Showcase Application" in the subject line of your email.


Fill out the following form:

In the future we hope to have a robust web-based submission process

Don't hesitate to leave any questions in the comments.

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3 hours of work later I have submitted my application following your guide as close as possible. PS you didn't state which res the lockscreen wallpaper overview was so I rotated it to 600*1080px - a 1080*600 portrait image doesn't really make sense :-) +Brian Resnik
Thanks for the guide!
I had a quick look to the pdf, but I'm a bit confused about the categories.
As I read, To qualify as a theme pack, your theme must 
include at least Style, Icon Pack, and Wallpaper components.

So, If I make an apk with all the stuff but not a Style(Overlay),
(So wallpaper, lockscreen, bootanimation, icons, fonts..)
this couldn't be put to the themes section, right?
Could it be added to another section?
And along the same lines, if we don't include icons, but styles and wallpaper, it's still not a showcaseable "theme"? 
+Andy Mast That's too bad. There are several developers with great themes, who prefer not to do icons (on account of there's just too many and plenty of icon packs already exist, out of principle, etc), who would miss out on the front and center showcase, it seems like.

Is there a minimum number of icons that must be changed? Would just one different icon be enough to meet the theme requirement? 
+Jeff McIntire Please do not mirror the zip. We will likely make updates to it as necessary and would rather people always get it from us so they always are getting the latest version.

+Andy Mast So just so that I also understand - if my theme supports everything else (walls/sounds/fonts/styles/lockscreen/bootanim), but not icons, it is not considered a theme?

But if I - say for whatever reason - theme one icon, no matter how ugly and bad, we qualify again for theme?
Just waiting for background and mask support.  Once this is implemented, all my icons will be themed.  I just don't have time to do a proper icon pack, nor have I ever done them.
+Patrick Loth +Madison Dickson As it stands right now, yes, that's the case. Keep in mind, this is under very active development. If this is something that doesn't work for the community - themers and users alike - we'll adjust accordingly. We'll be collecting lots of feedback over the next few weeks and incorporating it as appropriate into the next release.

To that end, if you have feedback on what should be considered a "theme" and what shouldn't, let us know. We certainly wouldn't consider just fonts and sounds a theme. Or just a style (that's...just a style).  What's the threshold YOU would consider for a theme? And, more importantly, why?
TLDR: Styles FTW.

The majority of the themes I've downloaded and used over the years were primarily just styles. Backgrounds are alright, but I never stay with the included one... I either have a favorite or rotate through them often. (Ie 500 live wallpaper app).

Most themes that tried to include icon packs were incomplete, and detracted from the experience. Many top-level themers eschew doing icons for exactly this reason. For me, the style WAS the theme. All these new features are just cream and cherries on top, AND I'd have to start making icons for my theme just to be showcased, which doesn't make sense since its a holo-variant.

Many of my theme users change the BG immediately, because my theme is designed to express the users' wallpaper everywhere, and everyone chooses a different wallpaper for their own reasons. My vote is for styles.

However, I do understand CM is going for the MIUI style of one-stop-shop change everything. That's fine, but its different than the way I used the T-Mobile theme chooser.

My concern is that you'd be eliminating a lot of themes from being found by users, because they're only styles. Perhaps if you had a way to split showcased themes, or mark some with a "complete" badge if it includes all the new features, so they can be side by side but still encourage the complete experience
+Brian Resnik thanks for clarifying - and for me as a themer, excluding complete packages with 100s of hours of work invested themeing thousands of images, hundreds of color codes and styles and ticking all other boxes is something I would ask you to think about again - especially given that if we "cheat" (adding one icon like i said) would then guarantee us qualifying again and the rules "how many and which ones" are not clear at the moment.

Like +Madison Dickson said - there are many reasons why a lot of us don't do icons apart from one or two. There are literally thousands of icon packs in the market and I for one think that icons should be left to the experts in that field, hence I don't do them and don't include any in my "themes"

I have 1 (contacts) themed but because you didn't list contacts I didn't include it in the submission - I thought it was rather pointless to show the images of stock icons in the overview - and the only reason i themed contacts is because it is so very 2010-looking (the stock one). Let me know if that was incorrect then and I will upload overview images of the stock icons.
I'm not taking sides as to whether a "Style" should be considered a theme, but you system themers and you icon pack developers could collaborate, the latter making an icon pack designed to complement a given system theme. You could do some cross-marketing and profit from it 😸. I'm more than happy to make introductions if you want, since I know a few in each group.
Me as a theme user and not a themer, rarely use icons that come with a theme.
So I agree with the idea that icons should not be a requirement to count as a theme.
Such collaboration is completely out of sense when either one is paid :(

Btw styles should be main criteria for theme :) i don't add lock screen wallpaper in my theme so if its not there I gets not identified as a theme and it's bad :(

So at last styles ftw 😂😂
Let's face it, we can't possibly please everyone.  We chose these three components as a requirement because they have the biggest visual impact when applied together.  You are not required to include all these, it just won't show up under the "Themes" category.  If it's important to you to be listed under this category then you should consider adding the required components.

We can play the cat and mouse game if people want to try and cheat the system by including a bare minimum, i.e. a couple icons.  If that's the case then you are not just cheating the system, you are cheating your users as well.  I think the latter is good thing to keep in mind.

So to summarize, no one is forcing you to include the three required components for a "theme" but if it's important for you to be listed in this category then you should consider adding good quality content to all required components.  Otherwise your theme will still be discover-able in the other categories for the components it has.
Well given you guys have your mind set on it, there is no point to further discuss.
For me, NOT including icons in my theme is doing what's best for my users.

Creating an icon pack would take far too long to make nice, and supporting the thousands of different apps is hard work, only to have the majority of users not apply them in favor of a different icon pack.

This gives me more space to focus on the style theme and support more apps instead. I'm of the opinion that good themes are 90% effort in just the styles, so I'd like to see that.

If you ran a poll, I guarantee the majority of theme users don't care about packaging icons and styles together.

That's why i suggested a badge/icon type thing to emphasize the "complete" experience, but let them go side by side with styles only based themes.

But, if the CM team prefers the MIUI style of only full experiences, that's very different than most T-Mobile theme users are used to.
Hey guys,

We've been talking a lot about this at the office, and we realized something that we may not have communicated well:

Icon masking WILL count as having your icons themed.

That means that, in the end, all you'll have to do is create 3 icon-related drawables, at minimum, to have your theme show up in the "Theme Packs" section. (background, foreground, and mask images for the icons)

I'm sorry that we didn't communicate this better from the get-go.  It's a feature that we know is coming, but isn't implemented yet, and we've been basing our expectations and conversations on the assumption that the masking feature would be available in the near future.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit and makes this feel less "oppressive" :)
+Brian Resnik I think you should only allow themes that use the new format in the theme store because sometimes themes using Rhett old style with theme your icons when using the themes style when though icons aren't selected.
+Premananda Mohapatra Themes will ultimately be in the Themes Showcase app which hasn't yet been made publicly available.

+Matthew Garbett Legacy theme support will stick around for a while, at least in the theme chooser, as we want to make sure people have access to their favorite themes that already exist without having the creators make an updated version. 
+Brian Resnik I don't mean actual support in the chooser I just mean having them show up in the show case. I know it's important that people can still use the legacy themes since there are so many of those and so few of the new format themes. If the old format themes are allowed in the show case they should be labeled as legacy themes. I think if they were labeled as legacy, put in their own section, or just excluded it's more likely they'll upgrade to the new format sooner.
+Matthew Garbett good to know, but I imagine they're placeholders for the time being. If not, then I too would like to see some kind of differentiator
Hopefully we'll see the show case officially released soon.
Any way to get this template as apk?, iam getting errors .
the theme temp have so much bugs, im using android studio 0.81
Can we submit Legacy themes, or do they have to be the new Engine format?
While legacy themes are supported by the theme engine, the Showcase is only accepting themes that utilize the new engine 
+Brian Resnik any news regarding submission of my theme? Was made 2 or 3 days ago but I do not receive any confirmation or contact.
FIRST theme is the name. Thanks already for your attention.
+Cristiano Matos We add new themes to the showcase once per week in a batch. This week's update hasn't happened yet. :)
+Brian Resnik how can i update my theme screen shots in theme showcase? One of my themes was included but the same run through a huge update. By the way, many thanks for the addition.
+Brian Resnik Hi, I have submitted my request twice now but it hasn't been added. The theme is "Lumin". I might have made some errors the first time around but I'm pretty sure I got everything right the second time.
Chris F
Hey there,
Brian Resnik just told me that he has nothing to do with cyaogenmod anymore. so my question is, is the email adress still relevant or the google form? And basicly, does the showcase go on?
What happened to Theme Showcase app aren't we gonna see update 
+Leigh Momii he meant to say will theme showcase be updated with new themes ? should we start submitting mails again?
+Rushabh Kothari +Darryl Dillon We are currently experiencing a large backlog of theme submissions. We hope to get to your submissions soon - thanks for your patience! As we move forward, we're also going to be improving the process.
Thanks, youve done best man.
Thankyou, I will upload a theme soon;)
Thanks guys. Just submitted my theme pack. Purely out of interest, how many themes do you guys get submitted every week/month?
Is theme showcase still working (meaning that I still can upload something on it)? Cause someone of CM said me that now is abandoned
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