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"No Sidebar," a weekly newsletter by Brian Gardner, focuses on simplifying your life.In the current issue, Melissa Camara Wilkins writes about choosing a life of purpose.

Forget about struggling in life to have lots of money. Purge your mind of things you don't really want. Instead, choose a career and lifestyle that will make you happy and fulfilled.

Read the newsletter and curated content by clicking below. 
You don’t need to minimize yourself right out of a life. Design the life you want to live, no more and no less.
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Brian Prows

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Hey, #Tmobile   users. How would you like a free Asus 102.n/ac wireless #router  ? T-Mobile support has one ready to ship to you at no cost. This top-of-the-line router offers download speeds up to 1300Mbps and covers 3000 square feet.

It offers Wi-Fi calling and acts like a T-Mobile cellular tower in your home; so your phone calls are crystal clear. You need a cable or other broadband modem from your ISP. If five minutes, you can connect the Asus router to your broadband connection and, voila! 

Why would T-Mobile do this? Clearly, it offloads traffic from its cell towers, which have become busier since the company started stealing customers from Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Loaning customers a router as long as you're a T-Mobile customer makes sense to the company, especially if your data speeds are slow in your home.

Mine hasn't arrived yet. But I just found out about the program. So contact T-Mobile support to get one shipped free to you. 
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Brian Prows

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There's a movement underway to squish (or remember) as many Chrome tabs while reducing Chrome's enormous memory diet. This extension lets you allocate your open webpages in distinct parts of your life, like work, play, school, vacations, etc. Why someone doesn't save the good stuff to Evernote or bookmark the pages is beyond me.

We've all done it--pushing the boundaries of the humble computer browser to the limit of its ability to keep an Internet connection live. Using the Web with 35 open tabs, though, is a bit unnatural, don't you think?

It reminds me of folks in offices and homes who go bonkers over post-it notes, as if this is a natural and easy way to remember things. Each note--or open browser tab--can only end in one of two ways. You either return to each, re-read the content, or become so frustrated you crunch post-its and browser tabs to keep your sanity.

The humble browser tab is a smaller version of a computer window--as in Windows or Mac OSX. If mobile devices continue growing in memory, the same will happen. And users will wonder whether they saved the yearly tax return on OneDrive, DropBox or Google.

As I wrote in a MobileBeyond piece, the greatest challenge of information is accessibility--not mobility or portability.
If you work, play, shop and socialize in the same browser, it's easy to open up way too many tabs for your desktop's own good. Spaces for Chrome encourages you to group them into different ...
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Brian Prows

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NYTimes: Review: In ‘Do No Harm,’ a Brain Surgeon Tells All

Neurosurgeons fight for patients' lives during each brain operation. Patients live. Some die. Others turn out worse than before an operation.

Read the review of a new book by an experienced doctor struggling over keeping patients out of harm's way. 
Henry Marsh, one of Britain’s foremost neurosurgeons, gives an intimate, compassionate and sometimes frightening understanding of his vocation.
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Brian Prows

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The 1% Rule Of Content Marketing

Content marketing may appear daunting to many, but it boils down to a few key rules, as pointed out by the author of this piece. 
If your content marketing isn't working, ask yourself why and then make small improvements to make a big impact over time, says columnist Quinn Whissen.
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Brian Prows

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Which will be worse? The cable and satellite companies charging a bundle for media services; or Internet content providers charging by the slice?

As I tread my way among Comcast, Roku, Netflix and the myriad number of broadband Internet video providers, I wonder what's the best model.

Comcast recently raised my 50Mbps Internet service to $66 a month not including gateways and taxes. So I opted in for their "Internet Plus" service which failed to work when the modem arrived.

That $60 per month package includes 105Mbps Internet, which I've yet to experience, and a package of movie and other channels including Hbo for one year. Then the price rises.

The bottom line of news and entertainment via cable or Fiber optic broadband, the only high speed Internet methods controlled by a few companies, is speed and price. It's not going to cost less to buy alternative Internet programming services if your broadband company raises the cost of access to the programming.

Net Neutrality, the seemingly right course of action, only affects programming delivery servers like Netflix, Hulu and many smaller players who want part of the action. These services, to a great extent, are only distributors–not producers–of content.

Netflix may get accolades for "House of Cards." Yet the company streams the content of others for the most part. Like cable, satellite and fiber optic services, the big alternative content sources only distribute the digital content of others, while branding if with their own names.

Even smaller companies such as Pandora Internet Radio wholesales musical content under its own name. Artists, composers, producers and digital labels must play under the rules of Pandora, similar to radio stations of years past, who now distribute content over the Internet.

Digital media distribution controls the money spigot in today's Internet era, because they sit in the middle of content manufacturers and consumers.

As once only said of cable companies: the big pipes (I.e. Comcast, Verizon, Dish Networks) determine what you see and the price you pay for new media content. 
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Brian Prows

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Trouble ahead for the Bay Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area. Salt water from the Bay is seeping into the concrete base of the foundation, weakening huge steel rods.

Over 400 rods protect the bridge during an earthquake. Engineers are studying test rods for rust and weakening.

The problem may be due to faulty grouting installed by the contractors. 
Caltrans tests indicate that salt water from the bay may be seeping into the foundation of the new Bay Bridge eastern span’s tower, an ominous prospect that raises questions about the long-term viability of hundreds of massive steel rods that anchor the landmark structure. The state agency has known since late 2014 that many of the 424 rods, each of them 25 feet long and made of hardened steel, were steeping for years in rainwater, the apparent ...
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Brian Prows

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Current Issue - Further

Brian Clarke in his Further newsletter today writes about how self talk can make or break us.

Did you realize that speaking to yourself in the third person (I.e. Your first name) produces powerful effects in your life?

Read more about health and wealth. 
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Brian Prows

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Want Great Longevity and Health? It Takes a Village

People who live in Sardinia and other geo zones live longer and healthier lives due to diet, exercise and community connectedness.

No rest homes. The elderly are taken care of by their families. Can Americans learn from these people who live simpler lives?
Want great longevity and health? It takes a village
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Brian Prows

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NYTimes: The Bionic Man

Amazing. Controlled by his thoughts, a man moves robotic arms, shoulders and hands.

Technology helping people. Isn't that what tech is all about?
Les Baugh lost his arms as a teenager. Engineers at Johns Hopkins are trying to give them back, but better. Mr. Baugh is testing a robotic prosthetic that he can control with his mind.
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Brian Prows

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Reading New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other digital media publications on #Facebook #mobile may boost mobile ad revenue for publishers and Facebook.

"Instant Articles," some hosted on Facebook servers, now deliver demographically-matched stories in users' main feeds. keeping readers on the site longer while increasing engagement with media brands.

Since Facebook commands the bulk of mobile ad revenue, publishers eagerly await results from Instant Article campaigns. 
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Brian Prows

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NYTimes: N.S.A. Phone Data Collection Illegal, Appeals Court Rules

After 9/11, President Bush and Congress passed the Patriot Act, which quickly expanded the mass collection of phone data.

This led to "drone" planes collecting inordinate amounts of private cell phone records; police requesting court orders in the thousands for a single crime investigation; and the NSA and FBI trying to find terrorists by sifting through a haystack of "metadata."

Let's hope this ruling by the higher courts, for the first time, brings an end to uncontrolled mobile data collection. Let it also be a warning to Congress that renewing the Patriot Act is not in the best interests of citizens in a democracy 
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Mobile Website Publisher, Content Marketer and Mobile Consultant
Brian, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, is founder and Director of MobileBeyond, a mobile media marketing consulting firm.

MobileBeyond provides mobile media marketing services including development of marketing strategy, campaigns and mobile website design, optimization, hosting and training. 

Unlike other mobile website providers, MobileBeyond provides a complete website solution that renders text and  images correctly on over 9,000 phones worldwide.

MobileBeyond also publishes blogs, websites and tInternet content about the future of mobile communications, mobile marketing and advertising and mobile technology. He also writes about social issues in his personal blog.

Brian's podcasts have featured over 65 mobile, wireless, media and marketing experts worldwide. Listen to fascinating and informative discussions with global leaders on the MB blog site, iTunes and on your mobile phone.

All podcasts stream worldwide over NetDNA. Listeners who have either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection can listen to the recordings. CloudFlare, another CDN, accelerates the MobileBeyond website for readers in North America, the U.K., Europe and parts of Asia.

Brian has over 15 years experience in sales, marketing, social media, telecommunications and online publishing. He began his career managing two National Public Radio stations.

While in sales and marketing, Brian developed the PBFA, a unique  approach to solution selling, successfully used at many Bay Area companies in call centers and sales departments.

For further information about the company's marketing and media services, call 510-565-7946, email or use the contact form on MobileBeyond site.

Bragging rights
Founded MobileBeyond - Acclaimed as mobile thought leader by The New York Times - WSJ Tech Community Contributor
Technology publisher, content writer, podcaster and industry consultant
Mobile Strategy, Blogging, Podcasting, Interviewing, Mobile and Direct Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Training
  • MobileBeyond
    Founder & Director, 2007 - present
    Founder and Director of Mobile and New Media, Brian publishes MobileBeyond, a mobile media and content marketing blog. He writes frequently about digital media and the impact of technology on people. His consulting services range from content marketing strategy development to Wordpress website optimization. Contact Brian at 1-510-565-7946 or email him at
  • Corporate & Agency Marketing & Sales Management and Consulting
    Marketing & Sales Director-Level, 1988 - 2007
    Brian has developed direct marketing programs for Internet, telecommunications, health care, pharmaceutical and publishing companies in the Bay Area. Beginning in public radio management after graduate school, Brian has followed his passion for media and communications technologies. He believes that mobile will dominate during the rest of this century as it morphs to wearables, healthcare, embedded devices and the Internet of Things.
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