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Is there an auto off setting for when you have the Xbox set to instant on? I ask because my wife constantly forgets to turn it off before bed, and it can't be good for it to be running all night like that. I'm tired of waking up every morning hearing that poor fan running. 

Edit - I guess I really mean is there an auto sleep feature since it's never really off in instant on mode. 

I have no idea what Google has done with Chrome, but it is so slow now to the point I'll have to switch back to Firefox or possibly IE.  Way to take a great thing and fuck it up again Google.  And I know it's due to a recent update because it slowed down with the addition of "Google Now" to my taskbar.


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Got bored and made the cell phone microscope this morning. So far took a picture of a leaf, my beard hair and the eye ball on the back of the one dollar bill pyramid. 
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Well I've found my project for this weekend.

So I've got a few youtube videos that have a lot of views and was going to make a youtube channel, only to find they are tied to this account.  In order to change my channel name, I'd have to change my actual name on here, which would also change my name on a number of other things including gmail.  Way to think that one through Google.


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My friends were in the Post today.  They won't be getting their house most likely because of this fucking Government pissing contest.  He's already sold his truck to help pay for all of the inspections and fees, which will now be all for nothing.

#governmentshutdown   #government   #Obama   #congress  

Man it sure would be nice if Steam would actually let me buy some of these games... Valve needs to get more bandwidth.

#valve #steam

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Yet they immediately get rid of Paula Deen's cookware. Stay classy #target

Suddenly my facebook feed is filled with girls crying over some dead Buck Wild cast member.  Meh.
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