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My GH doesn't report accurate temperatures from my Honeywell thermostat. I have the RTH9580 thermostat linked to MyTotalComfortConnect. When I ask, "OK Google, what's the temperature inside?" GH says a temperature and program settings, but they're not the same as what the thermostat displays. I thought that it might be a simple delay in updating the readings, but GH seems to get the min and max program temperatures mixed up, too. That is, the min and max are not from the same program setting. Is anyone else having this problem?

Anyone else having problems with the Vizio Crave 360 speaker intermittently dropping out?

I have two Homes and one Crave speaker in one group. The Crave just stops playing, sometimes for a quick second and sometimes for a few minutes. This happens for me regardless if I use eco mode or not.

It looks like it's staying on the network. I can see it as a cast-ready device even when it's not playing the music that the Homes are playing.

I've seen reviews of the Crave describing this issue, but I was wondering if anyone found a fix for it.

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This is what happens when Disney owns Star Wars.

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I don't understand whistling. Am I missing out on something?

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Is this guy right?

If I'm understanding him, he says that stable relationships, particularly by midlife, create long, happy, and healthy lives. My concern is that he describes a correlation, not a cause-and-effect. The presence of healthy relationships might be correlated with healthy lives, but do the relationships cause health and happiness?

I'm certainly not familiar with the study beyond what he describes here, and I'm sure it's hard to summarize 75 years of research in a 12 minute TED Talk. I just don't want to fall for the classic "correlation implies cause" error. For example it's possible that toxic people create unstable relationships, and they have unhealthy lifestyle habits. Of course I'm not saying that all people who have unhealthy lifestyle habits are toxic -- I could certainly benefit from getting some more exercise besides shoveling snow.

Am I interpreting his message right? If so, is he right?

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Happy Incept Date, Roy.

I wish that I could see thing things that you'll see with your eyes.

I'm looking for Halloween movie recommendations.

I need some help getting motivated. I really need to clean the house. Instead I've been outside during the day and playing Halo at night.

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