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We pinnin' this for a bit.

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Your bit of trivia for today:

The name of the first capsuleer-built outpost in New Eden was Prometheus Station, constructed August 20th, 2005 by the Ascendant Frontier alliance.

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Oh, good. Florida decided to just burn itself, then.

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Remember, folks: There's no such thing as total anonymity on the internet. There never has been, nor will there ever be.

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Rick Perry questions a lot of things - climate science, evolution, the need for the Energy Department or what it even does, and so on. Add one more thing to the heap.

We should probably question the wisdom of voting drunk.

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Isn't the future grand?

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I appreciate that, when something bad happens, a lot of people with empathy feel the urge to take a position and express their feelings about it.
It is good and, I would like to think, it may make those affected by those events feel they are not alone or overpowered by such events.

What I find disgraceful is people using the social media to gather attention to themselves by saying "Hey I was in the same town but nothing happened to me or my friends, please give me some fucking attention too".

Vultures are noble creatures compared to these attention whores.

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I think the rules say we have a new Pope now?

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Just go kill some dogs. Worked for Vick anyway. 
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