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My wife is Catholic. I ask her Preist and Catholic charities for nothing more than to come pray with and for her. THEY DECLINED. I DID NOT ASK I BEGGED. I have lost my faith. The social workers at the hospital and the cancer center tell me I can not afford the help that out there. Those are the main reasons for my very public venting. The burden is mine alone. Thank you everyone

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God is in everyone of us for God is love and love is God. The organized religion has messed up the beliefs in the last two two thousand years.

From what I have read +Brian Moore you have the purest kind of love for your wife and I admire you for that. This world needs more people like you.

But please remember to take care of yourself every now and then too!
Would you be ok with someone else searching in your area for either Catholic or Interfaith support?
You and your wife have been in my prayers for a few days now. I know they're from far away, but I've been passing your name and story on to everyone I can. You've got a group in Louisville praying for you and your wife. :)

There is so much love for your wife in each of your posts, and I am so sorry to see you go through this. 
People who refused to pray and provide solace are not qualified to pray in the first place. Stay away from people who provide you false hope for a price. You are better off without such people.
There are multitude of people who wish you both well and have you in their thoughts and no priest can match that!
Even if they won't pray for you, know that many ppl ARE praying for you and your wife.  Stay strong!
+Brian Moore It pains me to hear this.  Yet know that there is a group here on the G that is praying hard for both you and your wife.  If there is a caregiver's support group in your area, you may try giving them a call and seeing if someone would be willing to come and pray with her.  I would also consider calling the archbishop in your area and discussing this matter.  To not provide that comfort in her time of need seems so cold.  Much love to both of you.
+Brian Moore - I too am not a very religious person, but please know that you and your wife are in my prayers, now and always! Also, if you need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to contact me... I live just across the river from Lansing, so am just a stones throw from you. 
I know what it's like to be a caregiver to a sick loved one. It is never easy and I have nothing but respect for people like you who will do anything and go through any length to provide all the love, care and comfort they can to their beloved.

I am saddened to hear of this. I am a Catholic and for the life of me, I cannot comprehend why they would decline your request when it is one of the basic tenets that we are supposed to adhere to. We have a lot of priest friends who would drop everything as soon as they get the call to administer to the sick. I will then ask them, on your behalf, to pray for you and your wife. I will also keep you in my daily prayers.
I can't really speak on faith right now cause I'm not in a good place on my road to say anything. I do know that there are a lot of people praying and sending positive thoughts to you and your wife. Don't give up on that. So the church may not be there (and I'm really really not happy about that) but their are those that are and even over the web that is still fellowship. I'm sending good thoughts your way and hoping for the best for you both.
Brian- I can't imagine what you're going though. And to have to face it without the support of your church, family & friends must weigh heavily on you. If there's anything I can do, please let me know. Honestly. Have you thought about setting up somewhere for friends to donate money to support you two? I'm not Catholic necessarily, but I will keep you both in my thoughts and send positive intentions your way. 

He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes.
So sorry prayers sent. lost two friends & one more about to going. so sorry.
I most likely do not share religious beliefs and whatnot with anyone here, but I think I should say that you should definitely separate your faith in a higher power from faith in men. Should you find comfort in your past religious convictions, as most men do, hold on to it. Not only that, I hope you find faith where it matters most: yourself. For little faith I still have in men, most goes to men like you. I have faith in you.
Brian, this is on my profile as shared here on the G+ by +Michael Baker   I thought it might be of some comfort.

Life is a Marathon, not a Sprint.

Just for today, I will love.
Just for today, I will trust.
Just for today, I will be calm.
Just for today, I will be patient.
Just for today, I will be present.
Just for today, I will let go of anxiety.
Just for today, I will believe in myself.
Just for today, I will breathe through it.

And then
Tomorrow, I will do the same. ~Michael Baker
Hi Brian, I live in Australia but if you would like a minister (not a RC priest)
I am happy to try and contact someone in Lansing kansas local church.

Brian, what happend to you, there, is outrageous, in my opinion.  But I agree with many, here:  Please don't let the annoying behaviour of one person/ institution take away your faith.

As you can see, there are many people out there who do step up and offer prayers and even more support.  Even though this one person, that priest you spoke to did leave you alone you are not alone at all.  All-one, morelike, looking at this community.

I do not belong to any religious organization and what you call prayers is what I call and practice as sending love from my heart to your's and your lovely wife's.  If you are willing to accept this, know that you have it as support.  :)
+Brian Moore  call St. Paul's Episcopal in Leavenworth: 913-682-1033. They have a priest and a deacon: Fr. Michael Munro and Deacon Allen Olhstein. I believe they will help and your wife will find the beliefs and liturgy of the Episcopal Church to be very compatible with her Roman Catholic background.  This came to me via +Bette Kauffman You may find this helpful.
Prayers for you  +Brian Moore  I don't know you... +Josh Kashif  asked me to  come visit.      I do hope and pray that you can get the support you need where you need it the most.
One more thing... Burdens are not meant to carry by yourself...  I see you have a lot of  people willing to support you..... so lean on them.
Hi +Brian Moore , I don't know how I came across your posts, but I am very sad to learn about your problems.

I'm a Muslim and I will pray to God that He lessens your pain and suffering. Also with regards asking the church to come pray with you and them declining, we Muslims believe that God is the closest thing to a human, closer than your own family, closer than your jugular vein. So if you don't need a third person to communicate with your children (if you guys were in the perfect relationship), why would you need a third person to talk to God? And do you know who is actually missing out on the benefits and good deeds and a solid chance at heaven by not participating in your prayer? Them, not you, because your prayer is coming from the heart and anyone in your company at the time would be a very lucky person as opposed to the church who is mainly there as an institution not a place of worship.

You don't need a priest to talk to Someone that is in your heart watching you and listening to you, all you have to do is close your eyes, open your heart and let it all out...

God bless you!
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