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Additional information on my current fitness goal, to walk into Mordor, and back.  :)  

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On fb George Takei shared  I disagree!

I posted there: I find it interesting the 4 tweets that have on the article about how she feels she is discriminated on because of her looks are, in order: 1) Shut up and sit down, 2) Are you serious LOL, 3) A comment that they tweeter thought the article was Narcissistic, a valid opinion attacking the work, no issue with that one and 4) She has issues and should speak to someone about those issues (implied she is crazy.). I think 3 out of the 4 tweets prove her point better than she did!
Whenever one is discriminated against for their looks, gender or whatever, that's messed up. Women have it extra hard, as their "admirers" have a significant subset of violent jerks likely to cause her harm as well. As a man, I can go on a blind date with little fear, but I read once that a woman being alone, even in a car with a strange man is analogous with a man going into close quarters alone with a strange bear. Fact is, she is more likely to be harmed by a man in her life than I am to be mauled by a bear, attacked by a shark or even seriously injured in a car accident. And she is now being publicly shamed for talking about that?
That's just not right, folks. Even if you disagree, she has her right to her opinion. And I hear about men being rude to women not a pretty as her. Check out some videos on youtube about women being randomly harassed on the street and know, they are all someone's daughter....

Watch this kind of thing in action if you like, there are hundreds of vids like this out there...

Regarding that ‪#‎masculinitysofragile‬ thing, yeah, I get the point, most men are so afraid they are not manly enough that they act stupid.
But leave tissues out of it. :)  I have to use paper towels because tissues have become so soft and delicate that my blowing into one blows right though it. Anyone who has heard me sneeze IRL knows what I mean. It may not be a manly thing, just a power thing, Call it what you will, create a new adjective, but I do not need lotion in transparently thin wisps to not harm my nose in my snot receptacle. I am sure there are some women who have the same issue, but frankly I do not see why calling it "Manly" would be offensive, but if it is, then change it. Call it "strong" to indicate it is stronger. Assuming it is stronger, I still am using paper towels or some towels I bought for that purpose, on the rare occasion I need one.
TMI alert, (My masculinity is not so fragile I can not discuss the following, or anything really... (I also tend to blow into my hand either in sink or shower, because of the uselessness of tissues, then wash my hands... <shrugs> I do NOT however blow it out on the ground like an animal, that's gross, people have to walk there...  Also, for over a decade toilet paper had gotten so "delicate" as to be useless, now at least I can buy strong', strong enough to be useful. Before they had strong toilet paper, well... EWWWW. Same issue. Call the tissues "Big and strong" or whatever.
Point is, if there is a need for products which are less delicate and tender, then let's not discourage it. And if marketing shows the people who use it like and understand the term "for men" then I am not going to get upset. If that offends some of the people who could would otherwise want it, then they should come up with another name. But please do not bully people in public for buying it. Am I going to get harassed for buying "strong" toilet paper? How is that different than harassing people for buying soft?
After all the point of #masculinitysofragile is to "point out the failings of society's views on masculinity — namely on how we expect men to suppress emotions and behaviors that we don't deem traditionally "manly."", not to bully anyone for their personal preferences, and I prefer my tissue and toilet paper to not fall apart at first touch. o-O

Oh, and any men getting upset about this "movement", relax, keep your cool. Don't get all emotional about it. grin emoticon (In case you do not know me, that is my way of giving advice to those losing their minds using the terminology they understand, appealing to their fragile masculinity. hehehe )

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Great advice!

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Not to stereotype, just reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a new friend.  :) Which do you think, all else being equal, could juggle their life and multiple work responsibilities?  

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Good fodder for thoughts.  :)

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Not that if you hit the moon it will work out much better for you... :p

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Should be educational cards, perhaps make a game so kids can learn while playing.   Something like how Pokemon uses the same kind of concept as rock, paper, scissors.  :)
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