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Independence, Integrity, Clarity
Independence, Integrity, Clarity

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The Festival of Music all over France on the summer solstice (and reportedly now in more than 130 countries but not Australia) was started by Jack Lang, the Minister for Culture in the Mitterrand Government in 1981.  The idea was to celebrate the solstice i...

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Louveciennes, Pissaro and the Aqueduct
Camille Pissarro spend some time in Louveciennes around 1871 and painted some famous scenes many times, as was his habit, seeking the different influences of season, time of day and light variation on his subject.  In 1871 Louveciennes was a rural town on t...

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Rodin is a little more traditional in the Paris visits, but
this visit was to the Grand Pallis to see a temporary exhibition which featured
many of his works in plaster and bronze and some works which were preparatory
for some of his better known sculptures...

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Promenade Plantée
The Promenade Plantée is a former rail reserve between the
Opéra Bastille with an elevated section known as Viaduc des Arts and the
Périphérique roadway around Paris around 4.5km away. On the way it passes by Gare
de Lyon and through the 12-ème.  The walk

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We were interested to be visiting Paris for the second run
of the election of Deputies which followed the Presidential Election in
May.  As the President’s ability to
deliver his program depends on the agreement of the Deputies, this was a
critical vote.  H...

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Tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower has become the symbol of Paris, and given
that it can be seen from almost anywhere, there is little wonder why.  However, every time we visit, we seem to
start at the TE, and this time was not different for us, or for many thousands
of othe...

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The 16-ème
The 16-ème arrondissement is a quite area in the west of Paris near the Bois de Boulogne, which houses many embassies.  It is relatively untouched by the tourist hoards that consume many other areas around the city, and so it is possible to experience life ...

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Paris at a Different Pace
After many visits to Paris over the last thirty-five years, we decided to visit at a different pace and from a different perspective. We chose AirBnB in the 16-ème arrondissement. We spent five days walking – from the 16-ème to the 1-ere and half way back, ...

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Where do you start?
It is not surprising that Professor Gillian Triggs,
President of the Human Rights Commission, gave a thoughtful, though provoking provocateur’s
address at the Sydney Salon last night (22 nd August 2016).  It is a little more surprising that she laid
the bla...

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Managing Information - Zotero
Increasingly the information arriving on the desk of business people
comes in the form of the PDF document. Whether the document is the
latest industry research, a board report, a tender document, the annual
accounts of a subsidiary or a myriad of other ...
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