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+Reto Meier why on earth does it take so absurdly long for Google to respond to their hard-working developers?! 

The developer of Reddit Sync had his app removed from Google Play. I am sure you remember the whole ordeal, you replied to posts about it. 

+Laurence Dawson has contacted Google and is going through all of the appropriate and official Android Developer communication channels and has still not received a reply. 

This is absolutely ridiculous. How long is it supposed to take to get an app re-instated on Google's own marketplace?! Google is really putting a sour taste in my mouth with silly issues like this. 

Please pass this on to the appropriate parties so that these issues can be handled accordingly.
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This is outrageous! +Laurence Dawson  is one of the best +Android Developers on the +Google Play store and he is being given NO attention.  I'm sure if an app like Facebook was to be removed from the store and they contested it they would be given a lot more attention, I thought +Google was about equality? I would expect this kind of bullshit from Apple, but not Google.

Make this right +Google!!
I actually received an initial reply from the Google Play support team asking for written permission from reddit to use their name in the title of the app.

I forwarded on the permission from reddit and have not heard back since the 28th August. I'm just really keen to get my app back on the market.
This is indeed ridiculous, and one of the tings that make me wary of starting developing apps for Android. Perhaps I could distribute the .apks separately, but I'd rather not lose revenue and the primary channel of deployment. Please get your team and/or policies sorted out, +Reto Meier .
From my understanding, there's usually only like 10 people max to any project team at Google. I think the Android developer team has less... point being, with limited resources it takes time.
+Phil Ward I understand this... so why are they wasting their time taking down apps without notifying the developer or at least contacting them before completely removing an app without providing any reasoning?!

This results in more work from the developer and the team at Google... to get things sorted out and then back on the Play Store. There is no reason for this. 

I understand with things like malware, but it is disrespectful to yank an app without at least notifying the developer or trying to work things out before it is removed. 

Now the users have been without the app on the Play Store for weeks. The developer then gets caught up in a web of BS going back and forth with Google when they had development cycles and release dates...
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