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I’m excited about the updated Maps Gallery launch. The Gallery makes maps—from publishers like National Geographic, the World Bank, and local governments—more accessible to the public. You’ll also notice the “View in Google Earth” link in the bottom right, which will generate a KML. Google Earth will continue to thrive in a world of browsers and mobile devices, and we remain committed to supporting our users, from enthusiasts to teachers to map professionals.
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'View in Google Earth'.. Such an option would be much appreciated in (the new) Google Maps as I'm on an older system and currently running Google Earth 6..
Glad to hear about the continued support for Google Earth and KML.  Here's hoping Google will push the envelope to even better 3D visualization capabilities in future apps that will go even further than Google Earth did when it came out almost 9 years ago.
Hoping like mad that the new Google Maps will eventually inherit the old one's remote KML/GeoRSS rendering capabilities. So far all my links are still working, but can't help making reference to the sword of Damocles... ;-)
And so then I hope that the Windows Google Earth client will be given an overall revamp!

Great feature this gallery, if one thing that can make custom maps pubic.
Kindly suggest anyone when google earth will be updated again....
We need street view in Puerto Rico! Other countries not related to the US have Street View why not Puerto Rico? 
HI Brian, I would like to see opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business to be able to use Google APIs business licensing at their own budget.
parlez français s"il vous plait, l'anglais est une langue internationale mais le français est une très belle langue. Merci.
Is there any update on the google earth plugin and the new api that is replacing the netscape API
Where is support for Google Earth? I am adding some 3D models to the Google Earth 3D layer for community planning alternatives for our area. 
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