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I love the folks at +creativeLIVE. Creatives like +Kenna Klosterman and +Kate Hailey understand the importance of education across the board. To that end, they're offering an awesome resource to help any Lightroom 4 user bolster their knowledge of this platform.

As a die-hard LR4 user myself, I think this is an awesome opportunity. Thanks to CL for putting it together.
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p.s. This workshop is fabulous for people using Lightroom 3 as well! Lightroom 4 adds additional features, but makes very few changes to core ways of doing things. As the workshop progresses, Laura will point out any differences!
Thanks to creativeLIVE for this wonderful opportunity to teach Lightroom! I have an information-packed 3 days planned for you all, and I am looking forward to it!
And thank you, +Brian Matiash, for spreading the word!
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