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My first #AutoAwesome  Movie

Earlier today, +Vic Gundotra shared a new feature that we're rolling out here on Google+ called Auto Awesome Movies and I'd like to share my first result that I created the other day.

This past Sunday, I met with some fellow Googlers like +Francois de Halleux, +Sera Unlu and +Anna Jansson, to name a few. Our goal was to create some content to support our newly announced features. So, I decided to use my smartphone to record a few videos and take a few photos. When I got home (because I have videos sync only on wifi), I got a notification telling me that I had a new Auto Awesome Movie created. What you see here is about 90% of the automated editing. I used the built in editor to add a few of more photos but other than that, this is the out of Auto Awesome result. Enjoy!

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That's pretty cool Brian....if 90% is auto edited, it does a darn good job!! Are the stills captured separately or are they captured from the video? Also, it looks like Kodak was glad to see you!!! Thanks for sharing! (added comment)-Just watched the video "A morning with Google +" and I think I got my answer about the stills included in the video (you shot those)....also the action shots....great stuff!!!
If you want to upload a movie, then upload a movie.
If you want to upload a slideshow, then upload a slideshow.
Please don't call a slideshow a movie.
That's pretty stinkin' sweet.
Holy Schmoly. I love this feature. I really do. But Google really needs to offer an option to disable Animated GIF effect on these movies. 
زيال شو هاي صح كم ﻻ
+Brian Bonham Yup, it not only adds music but it does so in a way where the beats sync with the video/photo transitions.

+John VanRoekel just go away. Not really in the mood for trolls on this happy day.
+Brian Bonham : It's even royalty free music. Kinda nice not having to find music yourself. 
Nice auto-editing, but the rolling shutter  and motion blur make some of it unwatchable.  More likely a camera problem than the G+ editor though.
+Brian Matiash Sorry, I wasn't really intending to be a troll over this.  I guess I have just always had an issue with a lot of what "auto-awesome" represents.
+Brian Matiash, can you selectively tone back the music and allow small portions of conversations to come through? Like a fade in and fade out of select conversations from the videos, feature.
+Jacob Chappell _sort of_. It's an all or nothing approach in this iteration where you can have the actual audio play under the soundtrack or mute the actual audio altogether. Good feedback, though.
Looks really good, especially if you consider the fact that it is pure auto.
Do you have to select footage, or is it completely automatic?
This is very cool, sort of like my HTC One's Zoe highlight movies on steroids.  So much more control.  Will I be able to choose photos across more than one album for a given movie, photos from my entire library?
I can see how I'm going to use this for my upcoming projects!!! All I can say is AWESOME IT IS!!! Thanks G+.
This is awesome! Its such a cool feature...I'm sure the success will be like wild fire...nice job, Brian....
Edit: it now seems to work fine.

Question: I have the new app on my Nexus 7 and it has the movie creation feature. It also has all of my G+ albums in Highlights. When I tap on the movie icon it asks me to choose the pictures or video, BUT in that mode it only shows the pictures that were taken with the Nexus 7, not all of the media on Google+. Am I doing something wrong? Will I be able to create these movies on the desktop? 
Is it part of the Awesome, or are all your friends good looking? ;)
Is the music a part of the Auto Awesome video feature too or was that one of the additions you added yourself?
Amazing feature.Google lets people easily use technology and enjoy their life.
C John
Terrific job...especially if this isn't your normal field of work. It had soul and it did show a day in a life...
Thanks for sharing. Just logged onto G+ to try it. 
Love the new features!  Thanks for sharing.
+Brian Matiash are Auto Awesome movies an Android-only feature? Is it available on the web (desktops, laptops, etc)? Chromebooks?
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