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New friends are the greatest

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging out at the +SmugMug HQ after the +Google+ Photographer's Conference ended. On a personal level, this was a huge highlight for me but it was such a nice way to establish a new relationship on a professional level between them and us here at +onOne Software.

I cannot tell you just how sweet, generous and warm these people are. While sitting around the community dining area, eating the deliciously prepared food, I looked around at +Katherine Cheng, +Ivan Makarov, +Nick Wrzesinski, +Chris MacAskill, +Don MacAskill, +Dustin Bess, +Nicole S. Young, +RC Concepcion and the rest of the crew and had to pause to appreciate how much creativity and love there was in the room... and all in the name of photography.

I firmly believe that we are part of the greatest industry in the world and that we are living through one of the most exciting periods for photographers.

Thank you, +SmugMug, for everything and cheers to fun times to come!
Final thoughts on the G+ Conference

One of the coolest things about taking part in the +Google+ Photographer's Conference this week was getting the chance to catch up with people who we've been Internet Friends with for awhile, but hardly ever get to see in person.

Folks like....
+Brian Matiash and +Nicole S. Young who are two of the nicest, funniest, and most down to earth people we've ever met...

+RC Concepcion , who has that magical ability to make you cry and laugh at the same time...

+Lotus Carroll, who is as vivacious and fun in person as you'd expect from, well, hanging out with her on +Google+...

+Colby Brown , +Karen Hutton , +Trey Ratcliff , whose creativity, artistry, and sense of community have helped to make Google+ an interesting, welcoming, and gorgeous place for photographers to talk, learn, and share their photos.

So many amazing others, too many to name. If you stopped by our table or chatted with +Ivan Makarov +Markham Bennett +Denise Gamboa +Katherine Cheng +Dustin Bess +Nick Wrzesinski from +SmugMug, please comment below with your email address so we can thank you.

Finally, a big thank you to +Scott Kelby +Brian Rose +Vincent Mo and the many other fine folks at and +Google+ for pulling together an incredible two days.

P.S. Hope ya'll enjoyed the cookies!

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Well said! I have the opportunity to visit HQ next week and really looking forward to seeing where the magic happens!
Awesome! Looks like a great time. I wish I was able to attend but I was out racing my stand up paddle board on the high seas. No way will I miss the next one!
looks like a great group of people.
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