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It's a sad fact that many online appeals like this one are just scams. I don't believe this to be one. +Theodore Minick​, +Brian Boring​ and +Scott Swain​ are all well known and active in the communities I visit. If you can spare a few pennies, please make a small donation to help this family out.
Let's step up and help a libertarian family in need

+Theodore Minick​​​​​​'s wife, Rachael, has been put in jail for 90 days for unpaid fines not her fault. Theodore is the house-dad and Rachael is the bread-winner. They have two young daughters who need to eat, rent is due, bills are due, and the State wants its share. No less than $5000 is needed to see the family through this rough time.

Please contribute any amount you can. Even $10 or $20 would be a big help to this family in dire need.

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I'd like to say #JeSuisCharlie but I know I'm not brave enough. The staff of Charlie Hebdo have shown far more courage than me. They have been poking fun at violent and irrational people since 1970. This week's violence is not the first time that they have been attacked for their views. But despite death threats and an arson attack, they kept going. I'm not sure I would have had the courage. I hope the survivors retain their courage of spirit. My thoughts and sympathies are with them and with the families of those killed.

And finally, in the spirit of the magazine, I ask all who share my outrage at the attacks not to give in to calls for revenge and to resist any form of censorship or loss of freedom that may be argued for in the wake of this. Remember always that truth and the love of freedom is stronger than fear and hate.


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2048 is a stupid, annoying, horribly addictive game. And after lots of cursing and swearing and more hours than I'd like to admit, I've beaten it. Yay me!

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News outlets have reported that a senior White House official has been sacked following an investigation that revealed he was making unfavourable posts about the government on Twitter.

According to the reports, Jofi Joseph was the man behind the twitter identity @natsecwonk. From this Twitter account (which has since been deleted), Jofi posted a string of highly critical and sometimes very offensive comments regarding his colleagues and bosses at the White House.  Jofi's identity was discovered following a months long probe to identify the owner of the account.

While employers ought to have the right to sack employees who bring them into disrepute, I think there is much more worrying edge to this story.  The White House is not a regular employer.  The White House is the head of the American Government.  The sacking of Jofi Joseph appears to have come following an investigation by the very highest authority in the USA to discover the identity of the person behind a few unfavourable but not apparently illegal twitter posts.

This story reveals that the White House, the State Department and other government agencies have devoted governmental resources to discover the real-world identity of a pseudonymous critic.  If they have investigated this dissident, have they investigated others?  Are they investigating all?  Anyone who values freedom of speech, or indeed freedom of any kind, ought to be very worried by this revelation.

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Does the NSA think You are a Terrorrist?

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This is worth sharing.  Thanks to +Tom de Lorenzo, +Amanda BillyRock and most especially, Marjane Satrapi, for this so often neglected truth.

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This article offers the clearest, most incisive and most damming account of the current drive for military action in Syria. This is a 'must read' article.

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Topher Field has produced a brilliant video arguing that stopping or reducing climate change is 50 times more expensive than adapting to the effects of climate change.  Watch this video here :

The 50 to 1 Project

For more, visit

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+RT has published a disturbing article by Tony Gosling ( ).  I'm not sure how much credence to give it but as a non-mainstream view of post-war history it does raise some interesting avenues of thought.

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I just watched +Larken Rose very insightful video - "The Jones Plantation".  You don't abolish slavery by changing the words.

Thank you, Larken Rose.
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