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Brian Lundin
Christ follower, husband, storyteller, writer, and IT strategist at Dell
Christ follower, husband, storyteller, writer, and IT strategist at Dell

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My wife published a great reminder about the importance of the Word on the Verge Network Women's blog today: 

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"What aspects of the "craft" approach of independent software developers could large enterprise development shops take advantage of to improve their products, and the working environment of developers? Because, my guess is that the boom in craft brewing in this country holds some lessons for both independent and enterprise developers."

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'Jack' by George Sayers: A Review

My wife always measures how much I love a book by how often I rush to her side to read excerpts. I finished Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis by George Sayers earlier this week, and I genuinely loved it. She can testify to this because the last week or so was filled with these outbursts. Amongst my favorites were the depictions of the man in plain terms, descriptions that showed who he really was. Such as,

"From that time on, he found it difficult to spend more than the minimum amount on himself or more than a necessary amount on anyone or anything. His only personal luxuries were beer, whiskey, and tobacco, the first and last of which he regarded as almost necessities. He seems to have never owned a watch or a good fountain pen. What he gained from those years was a complete freedom from the snobbery based on possessions, and a sympathy with and understanding of poor people. The many thousands of pounds he was to give away in the years ahead were nearly always bestowed on those short of money."

Sayers does not linger on accounts of Lewis writing his famous works, but he does not short change these periods either. To me, these accounts read like well-portioned side dishes accompanying the meat of the story, which is Lewis as he was. What is covered is insightful and helped me gain a fuller picture of the context of each work, allowing me to examine them from a better vantage point. For the avid Lewis reader, this may be the books greatest trait, even if it is not the entrée.

Read the whole review at the attached link.

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Story Team Q&A - we get emails from churches and artists asking about @story_team, how we got started & operate, the role of storytelling in the church & how to tell stories in their own context, etc. We would love to help answer some of the questions you might have. If you do have a question, please leave a comment or email us at storyteam @ We will be filming and writing our responses soon and hope to release them in the near future.

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How does the gospel storyline relate to the traditional, three-act plot structure?
What lies at the intersection of  plot structure and the biblical narrative may surprise you. Check out this post to explore the question further.
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